Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I get all quiet sometimes ...

Yes, those of you who remember me from high school, I really do.

I don't blog as much when I'm struggling to be cheerful.  Maybe that makes me dishonest, I don't know.  Monday I was very tempted to treat you all to a long waily waily post about how overwhelmed I was feeling but it turned out that a close friend picked up on how discouraged I was and brought me a coffee, and another close friend answered my "how is family going to get FED??" by sitting down with a pen and a paper and saying "ok what's for dinner tonight?  And do you have the ingredients?" and by the time she left there was a menu plan for the week and a grocery list and the friend with the coffee was on her way to the grocery store.

Last night I needed to pick up a prescription or two and a friend (that's the third one) came to give me a ride and drop A off at piano on the way by ...we left B home alone, and when we came back, half an hour later, supper was ready and waiting, because the boy loves tacos enough to have taught himself how to make them.  And he does it all - cooks the meat, slices and chops and shreds until there's lettuce and tomatoes and cheese ...

I have nothing to whimper about.  What was discouraging me was that I hadn't been to the chiro in a week and a half (because he was out of town) and on Monday, when I went, he said that I had been in better shape the last time he'd seen me - in other words, no forward progress, considerable backward progress.

HOWEVER.  Today he gave me exercises to do so we've moved on from mere symptom treatment to some prevention.

And the sun is shining.

And the people in my novel are speaking to me again and !!!!   There is going to be a meeting between two very unlikely people, in this novel, and I can't wait to write it, because it's going to make me cry.  A little child shall lead them, I tell you!

Also this is what we saw out our back window Sunday morning:

I think they were brothers.  There are two hundred and fifty million trees out behind our fence, but they were fighting over this one.

There was originally a third porcupine.  I think this is their parent, likely a parent who achieves more emotional distance from squabbling offspring than I do.  Or a much younger sibling who didn't want to get in trouble for fighting.  The Good One.  Climbing a totally different tree.

And this is how I handed out candy Sunday night.  Missing from this picture are:

- the recliner TechnoNiceMan moved outside for me so I could hand out candy without hobbling across the living room and down two stairs every time the cherubs hollered

- my knitting.

And no, I have no idea what that look on my face is. I could barely see.  (In fact, I dumped a handfull of candy all over a teenager's feet.  The teenager was kind about it.)


Ruthie said...

How fun to be outside for Halloween night! It was too cold for us...besides, the city has a curfew for trick-or-treating so that puts a damper on things.

Am glad you have begun prevention mode. I know you've been having a tough time...been thinking of you and praying for you A LOT!! Good to see that God does hear me and answers my prayers. *smile*

Bogdan Burca said...

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Colleen Taylor said...

Half way through accompanying 9 girls and my fiance on trick-or-treating journeys, I decided I was dressed as the evil stepmother and rushed madly at the girls in noisy feigned attempt to steal their candy.

So sorry I've been MIA from your life lately. So glad you have other friends who are actually able to be at hand. So glad you have a nice husband who moves recliners so you can bless the neighborhood urchins with candy.

Love you. Miss you.