Saturday, November 06, 2010

And then there's the day ...

Maybe it's a Saturday morning, and you're feeling a little fragile because the day before you said "Fine!  I will do it mySELF" and your back still your back, not your healed back ...

and everyone else in the house is busy or wants to be a kid, not your helper, and you lean your head back on your chair and say "Please, God, meet my needs today.  Help me know what the difference between NEED and WANT is."

And from your music player comes the song*:

I'll hide in the shadow of Your wings
and listen
while You sing

I'll hide in the shadow of Your wings
and listen
while You sing
over me.

And you remember that, whatever it is - God's got your back.  (no double meaning intended, but it's likely still true in that sense as well)

*free dishcloth for the first person who tells me where that song is from.  Feel free to google it (I don't know if that will even work!).


Colleen Taylor said...

2nd Chapter of Acts

Bonus points: Faraway Places album.

I don't *need* a dishcloth. But I do *need* to plan a visit with you. Moving to Douglasdale this week -- that will help. Except for this main distraction: planning a wedding.

Ruthie said...

Isn't it cool how God hears your heart and speaks directly to it when you need Him the most? It's so tough to suffer; the people around you, while loving you, have no concept of your pain. But God does and He is always so faithful to give us what we need.

annie said...

how about this:

I've had this song bouncing around my brain for the last couple of weeks so I thought that I would share it with you. Second Chapter of Acts put it on their Far Away Places album around 1987. Below is a link and below that the words.