Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday Several

My Sunday Several is Several Things That Are Nice.

1. A husband who is not a nurturer by nature bringing you flowers when you are not 100%.

2. Chidren with a sense of humour.  I don't remember what she said, but  A had us all laughing at supper again last night.

3. Neighbours who make lasagne and bring it over for your whole family.

4. Walking to the bathroom and back without screaming.

5.  A small black dog who glues herself to your side when you are sick.

6. Percocet, but it's best not to like that one too much.

7.  A child who asks "Do you need anything else?"

8. Teenagers from your church stopping by after church with a box of chocolates to tell you they are thinking of you and praying for you.  (Hee.  I answered the door and S said "Have you heard the good news?" and I blanked for a second and then asked "Oh that Jesus loves me and has a wonderful plan for your life?" GRIN.)

9.  My dog really is incredibly soft.

10.  Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale.

and then under Things That Are Just Plain Freaky :

1. I'm too tired/loopy-because-of-painkillers to KNIT.


Carolyn said...

Thought about you a lot this wknd. sweet lady! MISSED YOU at the ladies retreat...MISSED YOU!!! Praying for you to find a solution to the pain besides the p-killers. Ouch! What can I do 4 U?

Koala Bear Writer said...

Those do sound nice. Glad that something is nice in the midst of the pain. Praying for you.

Ruthie said...

Not able to knit? Mercy, woman! That's tough! But I'm glad you have great family, friends, neighbors, and doggie. What more does a girl need...other than freedom from pain, that is. Get better soon!