Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh hi

Still here.  Still finding things that aggravate whatever is going on with my lower back.  Am limping most convincingly again today after having a few days of walking so well even *I* started to suspect I was making a log out of a speck. (Or something.  There are no good nether-region analogies.)

Here's why my mother in law is a star.

I walk (hobble, limp, stumble, wince) into the kitchen today where she is making meat loaf, vegetable soup (with farmer sausage in it. Apparently farmer sausage is a Mennonite vegetable) chicken noodle soup, a chicken casserole, and chili, all at once. Every available counter surface is covered with pots or pans or something in progress.

"Whoa!" I say "You're about as busy as a person can get!"

She shakes her head.  "No, I'm just standing here wondering what else I can get started while I'm waiitng for all this."


Ruthie said...

Wow! What a blessing that woman is!!! Not many people, including me, can say that. Sorry you are back to limping/stumbling/hobbling. I sure understand your thought process, as in making a big deal about nothing. Been there; done that. It's normal. And you will go through those thoughts every time you don't wince in pain! Give yourself permission to think that way once in a while...then let your family remind you that you are not touched in the head. And then go take another pain pill! *smile*

Kassi said...

Even four and a half months down the track and feeling fantastic I only had to vacuum the dining room to remind myself WHY it is I'm still s'posed to be careful. You still have several more months of mollycoddling yourself to go ... and you need them! Love and (careful) hugs :)

Heather Plett said...

Don't know why at least a few of those genes didn't get passed down to me. Sigh.