Friday, October 15, 2010

Here all the things I have accomplished since October 1

I don't want you to think I'm just sitting here doing nothing, changing "the angle of tension on (my) lower back every twenty minutes".  As if.  I have done a BAZILLION things.

1.  Ingested a variety of drugs, some of which made me as lucid as hand signals in fog.  Or as this metaphor or simile or whatever.

2.  Watched Chilean miners emerge and kiss people.

3. Read a really well done, thought provoking book, The Matter of Sylvie, by local author Lee Kvern.

4. Shot a lot of stone marbles out of a frogs mouth at some other stone marbles.

5. Knit a few dishcloths.  Seriously.  Only a few.  But I will send one of them to whoever can tell me what game I'm referring to #4.

6.  Whined.  A lot.  Wow.  It's like I'm practicing for a Whining World Championship.  I am so tired of myself, I can't even tell you. 

7.  Resolved to Whine Less.

8. Made 453,017 hot water bottles.

9.  Wondered how my mother does it.  How DOES my mother do it?  She is made of much more patient stuff than I am.  Why don't I put down whatever I am doing every single time she calls and talk till she's tired of talking to me?  What is my problem?

10.  Gone to the chiropractor.   A lot of times. 

11.  Forgotten to be thankful for what I have 2 million and 87 times.

So here's what I am accomplishing tomorrow.

1. Knit a row on something every time I want to whine about my back.

That's a good start, no?


Loretta Oakes said...

knit me something!

Ruthie said...

The game you refer to in #4 is Zuma Deluxe. Right? (Zuma is my very favorite game!) If it's not Zuma Deluxe, then it's Zuma's Revenge. Either way, you get the frog. (Love the comments on the raft in Revenge. Great humor!)

Hang in will eventually adjust to the pain and you won't need to whine quite so much. (I've been there and don't want to go that way again!) In the meantime, knit as much as you are able. It will help you feel useful rather than a big waste who's taking up everyone's time and is a big bother. However, as long as you are on pain meds, make your knitting simple. No complicated lace patterns for you right now!

Joe said...

Thank you, Accidental Poet for both reading The Matter of Sylvie, and your kind comment. Much appreciated!