Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Adventures in Couch Sitting

so it's not like  I can't do anything.  I just can't do anything that involves doing something while standing or bending.

Well, I can, actually.  I can get up one morning and decide I feel just fine, thank you, and putter about the bedroom sorting laundry and tidying for fifteen whole minutes then wander downstairs and make a lunch then drive someone to school and then put a load of clothes in the washer ...

And then sit down in agony that does not abate.

So much the Amazing Power of Positive Thinking.  There's apparently a fine line between positive thinking and denial.

It's not like life is boring, though.

The fiesty four year old showed up at my door, and seeing me sitting on the couch, proceeded to mouth things to me through the window.  I got A to open the door and he asked her to tell me that B and S and C were being mean to him.

I listened to a long tale of woe.

I asked "Is there a reason you didn't tell your mom this?"

Him Oh I just didn't want to.

Me:  Is it because your mom would ask you to solve it yourself?

Him:  No no no. 

(short pause)

Him:  Actually yes that is why.


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Koala Bear Writer said...

Kids are cute. :) At least he found someone to talk to! You sound like another friend of mine who's very sick... not fun. (I'll quit complaining about just being tired because the baby won't sleep.)