Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whoosh, goes the year*

*especially the summer, in which the weather was, well, less than summery.

So this was going to be a Sunday Several, and suddenly it's not Sunday but Tuesday.  Not sure how that happens.  So now it's a Tuesday Too Many.  I'll use bulleted points so you can take breaks if you like.  Feel free to skip the entire post.

1.  BIG EVENT.  The puppy we were watching was outside one day, sniffing and sniffing and sniffing at a large pile of something brownish on our lawn.  It was raining and wet and I really didn't want to him to eat any more poop, so I went inside and got a bag to pick the stuff up.  I wasn't wearing my glasses, but when I got close to the offending pile ...

It moved.

And then it moved again.

Simulatenously repulsed and intrigued, I got closer and closer ...and oh my goodness, baby black squirrel, curled into a shivering fetal ball.

I picked it up.  I showed it to B.  I tried to decide what to do with it.  It was clearly very young, and had multiple lacerations on its hindquarters and maybe the mother had kicked it out because it was going to die anyway? 

Children gathered and B got a tin to put it in, and we got a warm towel and laid the animal on it, and I gave the throng of neighbourhood children my best "Circle of Life" speech and explained how we were going to make it comfortable and let nature take its course.

The feisty four year old across the street fixed me with a stern glare.  "Or MAYBE", he said "We should ask MY Mom what to do!"

Nevertheless the matter was settled, except that my dog, oh my goodness, my dog wanted me to FIX IT.  She could NOT stop sniffing at it and then looking at me with huge pleading eyes.  If I put the box up where she couldn't reach it, she stood on her hindquarters sniffing and pleading.

And then A came home from work.  (Aside:  helllo, what?  WORK?  When did one of my children get old enough to have a job?)  A took one look and scooped the baby squirrel up and cuddled it and warmed it and told us to go ahead and go out for supper without her because she had a baby squirrel to look after.

When we got home from supper she came to the door wearing a hoodie with a front pocket - when she tickled the pocket, a tiny squirrel head, eyes still fused shut, popped out.  She had warmed it and washed it and tried to get to have something to eat and was quite determined to raise it, until we all realized that we'd have to order special baby squirrel food from Somewhere Far, etc, etc, so we called around and found a wildlife rehabber that would take it and look after it.

But seriously - how cute/also creepy is this?

2. The prayer shawl is finished except for grafting the toes.  (see earlier post re prayer shawls with toes) 

3. I am now filling in the time before the yarn arrives for the next wedding shawl by knitting hats for babies.  Anybody having a baby?  I have a sock yarn hat for you.

4.  Last  year I knit approximately 2 million dishcloths.  I have enough yarn for about 50 more.  I am so over knitting dishcloths.   However, I sell them 3 for $10 to raise money to help send the youth group from our church to Mexico to build houses with Amor Ministries over their spring break, so for you, and for the kids, I'd knit some more if you wanted them.

5. TECHNOBOY HAS A JOB.  One with paycheques.  It's been a while.  I am delighted, and also not quite sure it is real.

6. I get up early in the morning every day to drive him to this job.  I like to do this because now that he is not around all the flipping time, I miss him, and this gives us a chance to talk.

7. However, it is making me tired, because I am too stupid to a) sleep and b) take enough asthma medication that I am not tired from that not-enough-oxygen thing.

8.  B has started hockey tryouts.  This is the first year that they are allowed to check each other.  I am never going to a game, ever.  Or maybe I am, but ... *cringe*.

9.  I was going to wish it would stop raining and then I heard it's supposed to snow in Calgary on Thursday.  Now I'm just keeping my mouth shut.

10.  Also, A's funniest baby squirrel moment?  She looked at B and said "I need you to go find me a mother squirrel and milk it."

11. I was very careful not to look at the pile of unfolded laundry while I was typing this post, so the Laundry Fairies could feel free to tiptoe in and do their thing, but ... sigh.

12. Follow up to the squirrel story. On Friday afternoon, the doorbell rang and when I opened the door, the fiesty four year old from across the street (who may actually be five) was standing there, holding out his cupped hands, with a dead mouse in them.

Me: "A dead mouse. How interesting." (I wasn't lying, I do find it interesting)

FFYO: "No, I lookeded at his eye, and it is still open, so it is not dead."

Me: "I'm pretty sure it's dead, buddy."

(insert small lesson about rigor mortis and if you move the leg and it moves right back, stiffly, the mouse is likely dead.)

He was unimpressed by my lesson.

"Do you know why I brought it to you?"

I said that I did not, although I must confess, I had a suspicion.

He showed me the open eyes again. "It is still alive, so you need to take it to where you took the squirrel baby so they can fix it."

As gently as I could, I reiterated the reasons I thought it was dead.

He looked at me, and down at the mouse, and back at me. "I think that is very sad." he said, and I agreed with him.

B came and looked over my shoulder. "That is way cool and totally creepy both at once." he said, summing it up perfectly.


ccap said...

#5: YAY!
#10: ahahahaha That girl can make me laugh even across the net.

Kay Day said...

What she said.
Also, I woulda thought a baby squirrel would be way cuter than that.

addy said...

What a nice story. I am so in favour of teaching children to care for animals. This is one of them.
By the way I am waiting for my grand daughter in Valleyview (AB) to have twins. She is due next month, but they could even come when I am at the Inscribe conference. I will then go on to see them instead of going home. We are all very excited about it.
I crochet slippers and have made hundreds of them over the years.