Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I think ...

1. someone should knit ME a pair of socks.  (probably that someone is me)

2. It's a good thing Pippin didn't do any damage to my stupidly expensive sock needles, that he jumped up on the couch to pluck off a table.

3. Pippin has a hunger for knowledge of Jesus.  Proof?  Three different times this week I have rescued a book entitled "The Deeper Christian Life" from his slavering jaws.

4. I am a boring boring cook.  My family agrees with me.  They are less charmed by this quirk in my character than I am.

5.  Heaven is going to be GREAT.


darien said...

I dont' think your family is that bored with what you cook. Seems to me they are still willing to eat that than to make something else themselves?

Ruthie said...

Re: #1...I rarely knit something for me. I don't really have the time since I'm always knitting for someone else. But, like you, if I were to get a pair of knitted socks, it would be because I knitted them. *sigh*

Re: #2...You have expensive sock needles? If they are Signature needles, I'm jealous. If not, then how come you spent so much for basic sock needles?? LOL

Re: #3...If Pippin doesn't stop the "exploration" of your stuff, he may meet Jesus sooner than later! LOL

Re: #4...Boring is as boring does. If you think you are a boring cook, add some spices/herbs to your food. Besides, if your family is hungry enough, they will eat what you fix. If they complain, let them fix dinner for a week. (Worked for me every time!)

Re: #5...amen and AMEN!!!