Friday, August 06, 2010

well that was fun

So A had youth group tonight, and TechnoBoy and B were busy, and the youth group was meeting somewhere half an hour from our house tonight, so instead of driving there and back and there and back I thought I'd just take the laptop along and find a coffee shop and work on the book.

So I did and then the coffee shop was freezing (and if I am cold, everyone ELSE is wearing a parka!) so I left and parked half a block away from where the youth group was meeting and sat there listening to the radio and working on my book and generally loving life and then

because I had cleverly turned the van OFF before listening to the radio for an hour and a half ...

the vehicle battery died.

And no matter how hard I begged God to work a miracle, I had to call the youth group and beg for a boost.

But hey!  I didn't run out of gas!!


Robin said...

At least you got some writing done! :)

pamero said...

Draining your battery is definitely less embarrassing than running out of gas!