Saturday, August 21, 2010

Procrastination is time consuming

Alternate title:  where I have been.

So I made a wedding shawl out of worsted weight cotton, just what the bride wanted, and the cotton knit up so lovely and the weight was just right and it was one of those projects you just want to stop knitting to pet once every few whiles, and then ...I finished it.  And I even put wee beads in the scalloped hem.  Putting wee beads in the scalloped hem was New Behaviour, which I tend to approach with my particular seven stages of denial:

Don't do it.
Eat Something
Nearly do it
Imagine all the ways it can go wrong
Almost do it.
Leave it alone for days.

The seventh stage is Suck it up and get 'er done. And lo, beading was fun!

And then I had to block it.  I had to get it soaking wet and then pin out the scalloped edge so it was actually scalloped, not merely undulating. 

So there was that whole seven stage thing to negotiate yet again.

It's blocked and drying on the bed downstairs.  It has not fallen apart, malevolent mice have not broken in and eaten all but a few threads and the blocking pins ...and the wedding is eight days away.  The scallops may not be uniformly evenly the same size but I am pretty sure the sky is not going to fall.  Relax already.

All that procrastinating took time, though, and then there was this other thing that was not only New Behaviour but involved the words "Artists Grant" and there was a whole new level of "Who do you think you are?" involved in THAT, but all that is left with that is to PRINT IT and MAIL IT.  The biggest part of last week was spent staring at the writing sample I wanted to send, weeping because "okay so it's the same night, just way later, I don't know why he didn't go home with his parents, but he didn't, so now he can hear them arguing .." is just not the type of smooth segue that gets a panel of faceless strangers to stamp "Approved" all over a grant application.

Plus side - added one whole page to the novel, fiddling with that blasted segue.

Also my dog has been shaved to within an inch of her skin.  She's blinking painfully in the unaccustomed light, what with having all of her face showing and all.  Here is what she looks like now: 

(there was a short delay while I realized that the card reader in my laptop will not accommodate a camera battery ...sigh.  I need more sleep.  Procrastination eats into your sleeping time, too)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'd change names to protect the innocent but it would still be obvious I'll make it theoretical instead.

So once upon a time there might have been 3 boys, all roughly around the ages of 10 and 11, working on a huge Lego project in an upstairs bedroom, with the door closed, in the middle of summer.  They might all get very very warm and remove their shirts and after a few hours, two of them might come dashing downstairs for "emergency supplies."

I'll give you a few moments to guess at what the emergency supplies might have been.

Yeah, you got it - underarm deodorant.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lessons in Technology

You can leave the camera battery in the charger for as many days as you like, but it's not going to charge if the charger isn't plugged in ...


I hate having asthma.

That is all.

Friday, August 06, 2010

well that was fun

So A had youth group tonight, and TechnoBoy and B were busy, and the youth group was meeting somewhere half an hour from our house tonight, so instead of driving there and back and there and back I thought I'd just take the laptop along and find a coffee shop and work on the book.

So I did and then the coffee shop was freezing (and if I am cold, everyone ELSE is wearing a parka!) so I left and parked half a block away from where the youth group was meeting and sat there listening to the radio and working on my book and generally loving life and then

because I had cleverly turned the van OFF before listening to the radio for an hour and a half ...

the vehicle battery died.

And no matter how hard I begged God to work a miracle, I had to call the youth group and beg for a boost.

But hey!  I didn't run out of gas!!