Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I SO deserved it

So every once in a while, when TechnoBoy is in the shower, I fill a cup with ice cold water and throw it over the top of the shower stall.  His response to this is to leap like he's been shot and then to sag against the wall in resignation.  I giggle with glee and shout "That just never gets old!" and run away.

Today I took my daughter to her very first day of her very first job.  I watched her go in, all misty about milestones and such, and then as I was driving away, she walked back out.  Someone called in sick, there was no-one to train her.

TechnoBoy was up all night wrestling with computers and asked me wake him up at noon.  He is notoriously hard to awaken.
"A is home", I told him.
"Why?" he mumbled.
"I think you should ask her." I said.
He was up out of bed like a shot, throwing on clothes and went, brimming sympathy, to find his daughter.
I was still laughing when he got back to the bedroom, where I was having a bath, (in the ensuite, not the bed.)
"Well that was a thoroughly unpleasant few minutes", he said and I guffawed.
He mock-glared at me and I sunk beneath the water to rinse the shampoo off my hair.

And he threw a cup of cold water on me.


ccap said...

(a) You sooooo did.
(b) A job. Wow.

Robin said...

HAHAHAHAHA...Love it. At least you all have fun. :)

LadyLine said...

A-hahaha! This made my day!