Monday, July 12, 2010


Last week I went to hear these Steve Rokosh and Tamara Beatty in concert, with various other guests.

Tamara has a beautiful voice, and her music is upbeat, upliftting and very enjoyable.

I cannot even begin to tell you how enchanted I was with Steve, as both a musician and a performer.  I am not a musician in any sense of the word - I can listen to a band and be completely unable to tell what instrument is doing what (although I can usually pick out the drums) - so this is a non-musician's review.

Steve sat down at the piano,and said "This will be improv." 

My inner skeptic raised an eyebrow.  "This will be interesting."

And then he did that thing you always read about that you never ever ever actually see.  Steve closed his eyes (maybe literally, certainly figuratively) and let everything in his heart come out through his fingers to the keyboard.  Technically, I have no idea how good it was.  Emotionally, it was amazing.  No words at all, and yet it told a story - starting out slowly, increasing in tempo and intensity, a slow fade.  I was sorry when it was over.

And it was like through all of Steve's set.  He is an intelligent, passionate man, and yet he performs some kind of miracle of self-effacement.  He starts to play and he retreats, and it is the music that meets you.  It's not so much performance as it is immersion in evocative sound.  It is enthralling, and then the song ends and he moves back into himself and seems both surprised and delighted that he has an audience.

Keep an eye on these Calgary artists.  I hope there are many more of these performances in the future.


darien said...

boy, I hope he gets to read your review...non-musician or not, most musicians strive for what you said he achieved, and few of them ever get to know it.

Chris Rokosh said...

hanks so much for your beautiful comments about Steve's music. You were able to put into words what we've always known - but didn't know how to say. This brought tears to my eyes, just as Steve's music has since the first day he sat down at the piano. Your keen observation that his music comes from his heart, and how he opens his eyes and is delighted and surprised that there's an audience is so true. Steve's had the ability to bring a room to silence with his music since he was only 7 or 8 years old. I've shared your comments with friends and family who love Steve's music and they all said 'She GETS it!'

Wendy said...

Dear Sue,
I am Steve's aunt and after reading your review I had to take a moment and thank you for putting pen to paper to describe what this boy (or should I say man) gives to our hearts. Those of us that love him have never quite found the right words to thank him for the gift he brings to each of us. He is a very old soul that I believe has been put on this earth to offer joy and love and acceptance to everyone whose life he touches. He generously shares his music and it seems to be reward enough but he has earned and deserves this recognition. Thank you for "getting it".