Monday, July 26, 2010

Is it just me?

...or does this dog look like she's smiling?

Monday, July 19, 2010


Totally misleading title, and I'm not even sorry.
Thing I did not spoil even though I thought I had:

The Shawl. This is a story fraught with knitterly tension that non-knitters may feel free to skip. I'm knitting a shawl for a friend's wedding at the end of August, and what with having to figure out how to block it, and how to make those little pointy things and incorporate beads and the rows being 300 stitches long and getting longer by 4 st every other row, I'm a bit unsure of my ability to get this done on time.

Yesterday I was knitting at my mom's and I went to reel more yarn off the ball and it was stuck so what gave instead was the knitting on the needles and several rows of two or three stitches unraveled. This is lace. (looks like leaves. Is amazing) This is yarn-overs and stitches that weren't there last row and this is me, who considers it all magic and doesn't get where the yarn is going if it's anything more complicated than garter or stockinette stitch.

I loaded them all back on the needles. It looked wrong. I took them off again, and loaded them on again, and they still looked wrong. There were the right number of stitches, however, so I purled the back side row and then it was time to leave so I stuffed it in a bag and later that night I looked to see if I could find the error and there it was, shouting at me and sticking its tongue out. I took the stitches off, and put them back on again, and lost one in the process and sat there staring at the hours and hours of knitting I had done, wondering why I hadn't used a lifeline and generally wanting to move to Siberia.

And then the miracle happened. Without any conscious thought I loaded everything on the needles again reconstructing as I went and – it was right. The knitting fairies skipped off singing about me owing them one. I mentionned the gusset on the Christmas socks I gave away last month. They're thinking about that.

 Things I Do Spoil but totally not today

My small adorable dog considers her food beneath her. She'd live off begging for scraps if she could, and she almost could, in our house, because that's the way we roll. One of the three of us who care about the dog will decide one day that WE ARE NOT GIVING THAT DOG ANY MORE TREATS and the rest of us will agree and then I will be eating a carrot and really, veggies are good for everyone and ...

As a result she's not good about eating her food on a daily basis. I stir bits of supper leftover into her food and then she'll eat it. Sometimes I get stubborn and leave the room and she'll eat her food with a resigned sigh after three or four hours.

Today I buried the tiniest possible piece of turkey pepperoni beneath her food. To my great amusement she ate the entire bowl of food looking for it, and came and stood beside me and belched a gentle belch.

 Why It is Annoying to Watch a Movie with Brad and I After We Have Seen it and You Haven't, (this does have to do with spoilers)

We laugh way ahead of the funny parts. We watched Waking Ned Devine with the kids yesterday and the instant we saw the motorcycle the first time we burst out laughing.

 Things I Do Not Wish to Discuss, that have nothing to do with spoilers.

What novel?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

kind of you all ...

not to mention "eyebrown" instead of "eyebrow" in the previous post ...

More later.  Trying to write a freaking book here.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Last week I went to hear these Steve Rokosh and Tamara Beatty in concert, with various other guests.

Tamara has a beautiful voice, and her music is upbeat, upliftting and very enjoyable.

I cannot even begin to tell you how enchanted I was with Steve, as both a musician and a performer.  I am not a musician in any sense of the word - I can listen to a band and be completely unable to tell what instrument is doing what (although I can usually pick out the drums) - so this is a non-musician's review.

Steve sat down at the piano,and said "This will be improv." 

My inner skeptic raised an eyebrow.  "This will be interesting."

And then he did that thing you always read about that you never ever ever actually see.  Steve closed his eyes (maybe literally, certainly figuratively) and let everything in his heart come out through his fingers to the keyboard.  Technically, I have no idea how good it was.  Emotionally, it was amazing.  No words at all, and yet it told a story - starting out slowly, increasing in tempo and intensity, a slow fade.  I was sorry when it was over.

And it was like through all of Steve's set.  He is an intelligent, passionate man, and yet he performs some kind of miracle of self-effacement.  He starts to play and he retreats, and it is the music that meets you.  It's not so much performance as it is immersion in evocative sound.  It is enthralling, and then the song ends and he moves back into himself and seems both surprised and delighted that he has an audience.

Keep an eye on these Calgary artists.  I hope there are many more of these performances in the future.

Friday, July 09, 2010

well that was nutty

So A's first day lasted three hours and then she was told her services were no longer required.  I'd tell you more, but it's A's story, and not mine - suffice it to say there was nothing she could have done to have changed the outcome.  Easiest to say the decision to hire her was not unanimous.

So she's out looking again.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I SO deserved it

So every once in a while, when TechnoBoy is in the shower, I fill a cup with ice cold water and throw it over the top of the shower stall.  His response to this is to leap like he's been shot and then to sag against the wall in resignation.  I giggle with glee and shout "That just never gets old!" and run away.

Today I took my daughter to her very first day of her very first job.  I watched her go in, all misty about milestones and such, and then as I was driving away, she walked back out.  Someone called in sick, there was no-one to train her.

TechnoBoy was up all night wrestling with computers and asked me wake him up at noon.  He is notoriously hard to awaken.
"A is home", I told him.
"Why?" he mumbled.
"I think you should ask her." I said.
He was up out of bed like a shot, throwing on clothes and went, brimming sympathy, to find his daughter.
I was still laughing when he got back to the bedroom, where I was having a bath, (in the ensuite, not the bed.)
"Well that was a thoroughly unpleasant few minutes", he said and I guffawed.
He mock-glared at me and I sunk beneath the water to rinse the shampoo off my hair.

And he threw a cup of cold water on me.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kristin is better at titles than this.

( Kristin is over here.  I couldn't make blogger put a link in the title. )

(Also Kristin is no relation even though her maiden name is the same as mine, and her mother's name is also Susan ...)

So I was going to build myself a Cone of Silence but that looked too complicated, and then I thought "Well maybe just a real cone-shaped cone that if I was wearing it, people could only approach me if they were bleeding or on fire* or wanted to place a cup of steaming fresh coffee by my elbow" but then I realized what that would like so I settled for the Wrap of Wrath.  (interrupt me while I'm wearing it, and invoke the Wrath of the Interrupted)

Fetching, isn't it?

*or both.  I'm reasonable.