Thursday, June 17, 2010

Randoms in lieu of actual writing

1.  Yippee!  I found my lost locket!  Didn't know I'd lost a locket, did you?  It made me sick to think about - it was (is! yay!) a locket TechnoBoy gave me for Christmas in ...1981.  I was pretty sure it was in this house somewhere, as it is a permanent wardrobe fixture (except for the last two years, and about a year or so after A was born and the chain broke and I tucked it somewhere safe to get the chain fixed...) but just where, I did not know.  And I was sad.

2. A found her glasses.  Oh how we have looked for those glasses.

3. I am not telling you where her glasses were because I don't plan to tell you where the lost necklace was, either.

4. The irises at the front of my house are blooming beautifully.

5. I love acrylic nails.  Nobody is more surprised by this than I am.

6. People are building arks 'round here.

7. for those of you who didn't get it - the empty gumball machines mentionned in the last post ARE the empty bookends.  And the second picture is a close up of the item one of my children added. (hint - it's black,  and not particularly cheerful)

8. Enough with the procrastinating.  B has given me a word count to shoot for this afternoon, so off I go, shooting.

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Slow'n'Steady said...

7. Is it a transformer plane of some sort with teeth? Since my boy is out of the cool gadgets phase, I am not up on my transformers names...