Sunday, June 20, 2010

No, Bing, that is not what I meant

So one of my enforced updates to my system saw Bing becoming my default search engine instead of Google.  (that sentence is just there to explain why the title doesn't say "No, google .." )

Today I was working on writing an article about poetry (those who can, do, those who can't?  Teach) and I thought maybe I was quoting someone so I searched the phrase I so often trot out before my students:  "Your reader is your creative parnter."

"Sorry," said Bing, "no results found.  Did you mean 'Your reaper is your creative partner?' "

Umm.  I'm thinking that's destructive, not creative, no?


Krista said...

LOL I love search engines! Here's what I found for you:

Robin said...

That leads to a whole other story. :)Stick with Google.