Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Told Me So

So I'm knitting a triangular shawl for a friend, at her request.  I love the pattern, I love the fact that three days after I started hankering to knit lace she asked me to do this, I love the new book I went and bought (Knitting Lace Triangles)  For those of you who know what I'm talking about - I'm knitting it in a DK weight cotton and I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how much I love the cotton.  It's Butterfly Super 10 by El D Mouzakis and oh my goodness is it knitting up nicely. It's the perfect knitting experience - nice sharp Addi lace needles, lovely yarn, great pattern ...

There's only one row on the pattern I need to be a bit careful of, because it gets me every time.  Every time.

So an hour ago, when TechnoBoy went to bed, I said "Let me just finish this row.  It's the tricky one, and I don't want to stop in the middle of it."

And then my brain said BEEP. Tricky row!  After midnight?  You sure about that, sunshine?

Oh pish tosh, I told my brain.  It's just one row.

I finished the row.  I started the next one, and my brain said Do you think you should count your stitches? 

Nah, I said.  It's going really well.

I counted as I knit.  It's pretty easy to tell where halfway is, and at halfway, the count was right.  I stopped counting.

Hey? my brain asked.  What makes you so sure you're only ever going to make a mistake on that half of the row?

Oh FINE, I told my nagging brain.  I will count the stitches and you will SHUT UP, okay?

I counted.  And counted again.  And then a third time, just in case my brain was messing with me.

The bright side?  The whole time I was picking back and fixing it, I was thinking - Hey I can blog this!


Smiley Friend said...

The mind is a powerful thing. So fun to hear inner voice via your blog - - miss ya :)

Ruthie said...

How come is it that we always...I mean ALWAYS...hit the tough part of a pattern when we are tired??? I often get so relaxed with my knitting that I fall asleep with my needles in my hands, dropping stitches or picking new ones (how that happens, I'll never know).

And how come we always...and I mean ALWAYS...think that we are on top of things when trying to knit when we are tired? One would think that knitting lace, especially that tricky row in the middle of the repeat, needs a bit of concentration. Who can do that after midnight?

Not this kid...and it's good to know that I'm not the only one.

Nihahi :~) said...

I absolutely love your blog. I check it almost daily.

Colleen Taylor said...

Today I'm quoting Ruthie who writes in her comment, "How come is it that we always...I mean ALWAYS...hit the tough part of a pattern when we are tired???"

I believe there's a life metaphor in that ...