Wednesday, May 19, 2010

two weeks, huh?

I've been a little sad. I don't blog when I'm sad. I also don't blog when I'm busy or tired or lazy, so really, it's a wonder there's anything here at all.

I don't actually remember now why I was sad, so there's that.

Spring is here. Yippee!!! Ish. Possibly I have spring-related asthma for the first time in my life. Wow is that fun. Even if it's not asthma, I have this to say to you: be careful what you wish for. If, for instance, you secretly wish you had more knitting time, the Universe in all its Puckish glory might hand you two eight hour stints in the ER. (see above re asthma.) The interesting thing is if your father dropped dead of a heart attack in precisely the same way his mother dropped dead of a heart attack, and say, ten years later, you go to your family doctor complaining of chest pain and the inability to take a deep breath, she will not say "there, there, it'll pass". She will say "Go to the ER. Also, do not drive yourself there. Go sit in my waiting room until someone shows up to drive you."

At the ER, they may say "Yes well let's do this here blood test and this other test that will show us if you have had or are having a heart attack or "unusual clotting activity" (is there usual clotting activity?) and while we're at it let's do an e-something-g." (the ER people know if it's EKG or ECG, I just don't. Fret not.) And then while you're sitting knitting they might come and say "Here have ten puffs of this inhaler and five puffs of this inhaler just in case it's asthma even if you're not wheezing and your oxygen levels look good." and so you might put your knitting down and do the shots of Inhaler and in about five minutes, it might feel exactly like someone took a pair of garden shears and snapped the broad rubber constraints that someone had banded around your chest when you weren't looking.

All day Friday I walked around in a state of shock at all the things that didn't hurt. Bending over! Talking in whole sentences! Walking through the grocery store! And none of these were things I knew had been hurting before - it was only when the pain was gone that I realized it had been there.

It's been up and down since then (now is good-ish but it's midnight and I should be sleeping so ...bad-ish) but now I know days like Friday are possible.

I find this cheering.

If you yourself personally know someone who was misdiagnosed as asthmatic when really, what they had was something little known hard to find impossible to cure without a heart, lung, liver and left arm transplant - keep it to yourself. I am not currently on speaking terms with Dr Google. I am taking one breath at a time, and sitting down when I have to. Sometimes even sleeping in broad daylight. Follow up with the GP is tomorrow.

I leave you with a B story.

B, reading out loud, as we drive past McDonald's: "Mint Orgy-Load."

Me: "Hey can you tell me how that's spelled?"

B complies.

Me: "That'd be OGRE-load, bud. Goes with Shrek. The Ogre."

B: "Hah. Should've known. ORGY? what would that even MEAN?"

Me: "....."


Kay Day said...

I like the story.
I like that sometimes you are feeling better.
I am praying that you feel better all the time.

Robin said...

I hope you're feeling better...and the little anecdotes between you and B are hilarious. Love it.

Karen said...

Oh the joys of our boys and their innocent questions :)

If you are still on inhalers it could be that the lovely doses of steriods are also wreaking havoc with your emotions...

I will pray for continued healing.

Colleen Taylor said...

I laughed out loud at the B story. I laughed out loud like the laughter I laughed on our trip to and from Saskatchewan.

Hit any deer lately?

Robin said...

I've given you an award. You can pick it up from my site. If you want to display it on your blog, you can. If you want to hand it out, you can. If you don't want to do anything with it, you can too.

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