Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend Snapshot

So I'm driving from Big River, Saskatchewan to Spiritwood, Saskatchewan at dusk. The locals have repeatedly warned me to watch out for deer. Road signs warn of wildlife. I am Watching Out For Deer, and suddenly, there one is, in my headlights. I slam on the brakes. The deer ambles off the road as I am trying to unclench my hands. About half an hour later ...

Eyes: Can we blink?

Brain: No.

Eyes: Please?

Brain: Did you SEE that deer?

Eyes: As a matter of fact, yes. We were the ones who pointed it out to you.

Brain: Did you see how BIG it was?

Eyes: (see above)

Brain: I can't believe I got the foot to listen that fast.

Eyes: Good on ya. Can we blink?

Brain: Stop whining. We'll be there in half an hour.

I pull up to the place I'm staying in Spiritwood. The kitchen is full of Saskatchewan-ites in their natural habitat, playing cards.

"I almost hit a deer!" I announce.

It was like walking into a group of Californians and announcing that I'd seen the sun.

Brain: (quietly, to itself) and it was RIGHT THERE and LARGE and it didn't even MOVE when I got the foot to slam on the brakes and I can't believe how suddenly it was just THERE and no wonder you all told her to watch out for wildlife and ...

Eyes: so can we blink now?


darien said...

hey, i caught my very first fish in Big River, with my uncle Al! so cool

oh yeah, the deer story is too.

Karen said...

Wow. Something else I can look forward to with the big move :)

Kay Day said...

I thought you had deer where you live? But I guess it's different when you almost hit one.
Someone hit one in front of our house, sending it flying into our yard to die.
But I've never almost hit one. It would be frightening.
Are you sure it wasn't a moose? :)
I think it's cool the way you can hear your body parts talking to each other, too.
I'm tired. Sorry.

Carolyn said...


Ordinary Reader said...

I live in the other end of the country so I know how that feels and I know how much damage can result. Glad you weren't injured.

Colleen Taylor said...

Kay Day, we do have deer in Calgary, and sometimes Sue sees them in her back yard (I think that's true), which is right next to a creek. But I have never heard of deer venturing onto the roadways in the big city of Calgary and if they do it's quite rare.

Northern Saskatchewan is quite a different experience. First of all, there are trees, something like BC or Ontario, which dispels the myth that Saskatchewan is all flat and wide open. In fact, Northern Sask is covered in Boreal Forest. Can't see the forest for the trees ... and can't see the deer either.

Sue was visiting my parents with me. You could say I'm used to driving those roads, but I've had so many close calls that I'm nearly paranoid about night driving: slow, alert, eyes wide open ...

It was likely a deer as they're most common around here, though moose are often spotted, too.

Sue has been duly initiated. :)