Tuesday, April 06, 2010

So there was this writing exercise ...

Somewhere sometime somebody asked a group of to finish the sentence "The most important thing about me is ..."

I found mine today and not only did I agree with it still, it made me smile

The most important thing about me is that I don't like the word important. I do not like the way we categorize people and assign them relevance by degrees. I don't want to stand out, but I am also not interested in fading into the background. What matters, I think, is finding a way to develop a clear and accurate picture of myself before God, and to co-operate with Him in seeking to find and take my ordained place in the fabric of what He is weaving here on this earth.

Also, I knit :) (the smiley face on the paper had hair, big ears and a bow tie, but I don't know how to do that here ;)


ccap said...

Wow. I would also add ...and try to help my children to do the same.

Ruthie said...

You took the words out of my mouth...both about fitting into God's plan in this world and about knitting! For me, sometimes those two are actually one in the same.

Koala Bear Writer said...

That's beautiful.