Monday, April 12, 2010


I want an anonymous blog where I can say things like "and then I said, and then HE said and then you know what? that was just WRONG" and then two hundred people will leave comments saying things like "there there honey, you're sooooooooooo misunderstood" and crap like that

but then I'd link to it, because I'm a show off whether I like to admit it or not and then people I want to whine about, oh my goodness you have no idea how badly I want to whine about these people, would read it and get all huffy and feel misrepresented and hard done by and as much as I want to whine about how - I don't want anybody feeling picked on. Especially those people.

Adulthood is not for cowards, is all I'm saying.

Also I'm going to say YAY!! tonight when I go to bed I am going to take a really long hard look at my hair in the mirror, and oh how gaily I will laugh because GOODBYE HAIR day is tomorrow. I am not shaving myself bald but I am abandoning the "I wonder how it would look long" experiment that I have coupled with the "I wonder just how grey I really am" experiment that has resulted in my hair looking not so much like hair but a lot more like a helmet made from the hide of a dead yak, spray painted silver in a very dark room by a blind person. This is exactly as attractive as it sounds but tomorrow I am going back to the bossy Italian man who has been doing my hair for EVER and I am going to say "Fix it" and he will. He will ask what I want and I will make something up because he will listen to me and then say "No, that's not what you want" and then he will make me a cappucino and then he will FIX IT.

Also I am teaching a class tomorrow night.

And then I am going away to write for several days.

I expect to feel less like whining, then.


Ruthie said...

"Fixing" one's hair is always a morale booster. Add to that a chance to get away, even if it's to write, and you have yourself a new woman! Have a good time with your hair tomorrow. Allow your bossy Italian to pamper you. When you go away, take time to write, but sleep a few extra hours, too. It will be so rejuvenating.

(Are you going to take any knitting for fun?)

Koala Bear Writer said...

Yes but your blog is much more interesting to read than a whiny blog (I've read those) especially when you have to keep it humorously generalized.

Can I have the name for your bossy Italian hairdresser? Maybe he can do something with my hair. I'm bored with it (as usual). :)

Have fun writing.

Robin said...

I know I am a little behind but I have I have been meaning to tell you, your hair looks good. I like the new colour. (and I do think the description of said 'before hair' was just a tad exaggerated) :)