Saturday, April 03, 2010

The (not so) secret truth

"Oh I'd love to go to Mexico" I say, safe behind my ten year old who is too young to go, and in some ways, I would. I love the idea of a short term mission, and as an intensely interested-in-the-world person, I LOVE travel. And travel where you get to do something other than what ordinary tourists do? Very attractive.

And yet - as B and I sit here discussing supper, planning a meal that will involve Not Leaving the House, I realize - I like staying at home, too. I like my house, even when it's messy, and I like having long days at home, where everything eventually, in my own way, gets done. In my own non-linear "wow that five minutes of dishes I just did was exhausting, I'll knit a row oh look a computer I'll write a few words" way. My brain works well this way, and when the day isn't punctuated by school pick-ups and sports practices and people who want lunch (hello, people I have lunch with. I like you! honest!) and all kinds of other good things - well, it's nice.

And it's really nice to miss TechnoBoy and A so much, because I'll spend the first few weeks after they get home beaming at them, and that's just good for everybody.

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