Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too horrible to be borne

I never thought it would happen to me.

It's happened to a lot of other people, and I've always felt a little sorry for them. It's nothing they've done, or haven't done, but still - I felt a little superior. Not even blessed or fortunate - just, you know, better at that one thing than the entire rest of the universe, and yes, I mean you and you and you, and even you. Oh, and you over there, you bright young thing, you. Especially you, with the no-grey-hair and the perky - I digress.

Today's too awful to tell, but tell I must.

Today - oh, the shame of it all.



had to ...

look up not one, but TWO, phone numbers. Phone numbers I have dialled for years, phone numbers that are assigned to people near and dear to me. Phone numbers that OTHER people, people without the famed Roberts Memory, have been looking up for years.

What's next to go?


bhb said...

Oh, you're just trying to keep up with my vision and hearing loss!

Heather Plett said...

"No grey hair and the perky"? Would that be me of the "memory almost as bad as your husband's"? Yikes - this perky thing is still WAY too new to connect it to myself!

I am still in awe of you, even if you DID have to look up a phone number. And if it was MY phone number you had to look up, thanks for making the effort. It was good to talk to you.

Betty Jane said...

Next you are Grandpa in the For Better or For Worse comic strip, standing at the bottom of the stairs calling, "Can someone please tell me why I came down here?"

corrie said...

sigh... welcome to my world. Well, you're not quite there yet. My world is the shushing people to be quiet so you don't forget the number from when you look at it on the paper to when you dial it on the phone.

Me and numbers? Yah, we're not friends.

Ruthie said...

When my son was little and my mother was the age I am now, he used to say that she was "almost as old as God." Thankfully, he doesn't dare say that with me; he just reminds me of those "senior moments" I keep having.


Don't ya just love getting older?