Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Conversations with B


B: "Hey you know how we're going to the game on Friday?"

Me: "yes."

B: "Can we invite C and not his sister A? I think he needs some sister-free time once in a while. She's pretty bossy."


B: "Do you know what totally BITES?"

Me: "Tell me."

B: "Just because they are building houses and stuff in there, they're taking down our bike jumps!"

Me: "Really?"

B: "Yes! Those jumps where C and S and N and I all got hurt on the same day! They're taking them DOWN."

Me: "All four of you got hurt on the same day doing the same thing? And now you can't do that thing any more? Where is the part that bites?"

B: "We can't do it any more."

Me: "But you all GOT HURT on the same day. I'm not sure I can summon up sadness that you can't all go hurt yourselves there again."

B: "But the getting hurt part is what's the most fun!!"

3. I am wandering around the house looking for my passport. I am not finding my passport. I stop and pray out loud "Lord, You can see my passport. Can You give me a clue?"

B, behind me: "And God says 'Sue, you left it in Zurich.' "


darien said...

he's developed quite the sense of humour, thanks to his fun loving and witty folks!

Ruthie said...

Don't ya just love kids and their logic??!! What a great bunch of conversations! Thanks for reminding me of how precious those moments are and how cherishing them at the time makes for great memories when the kids are grown and gone. *happy sigh*