Friday, March 05, 2010

Bits and Pieces

1. I would like to speak to whoever is responsible for handing out super powers. Whoever you are, you can have mine back, because I am not finding the ability to Forget Piano Lessons With Freakish Regularity an asset.

2. Knitting update (for the two of you who care): finished a shawl, a scarf, a lap blanket, an emergency prayer shawl. Have not finished the Sock, have not started the baby sweater. The baby sweater is worrisome because the baby was started well over eight months ago.

3. I need to stop sleeping the night away. Does it work to inject coffee straight into your bloodstream, do you know?


Kay Day said...

Some of us would love to sleep the night away. Be thankful, dude.

Koala Bear Writer said...

3. I'll check with my hubby - he's pretty good at that. (Though for me, personally, the problem would be functioning the next day if I didn't sleep the night away.)

ccap said...

Um, excuse my ignorance here but what's an emergency prayer shawl? Is it one you only use when you're praying about something *extra* worrisome?