Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Conversations with B


B: "Hey you know how we're going to the game on Friday?"

Me: "yes."

B: "Can we invite C and not his sister A? I think he needs some sister-free time once in a while. She's pretty bossy."


B: "Do you know what totally BITES?"

Me: "Tell me."

B: "Just because they are building houses and stuff in there, they're taking down our bike jumps!"

Me: "Really?"

B: "Yes! Those jumps where C and S and N and I all got hurt on the same day! They're taking them DOWN."

Me: "All four of you got hurt on the same day doing the same thing? And now you can't do that thing any more? Where is the part that bites?"

B: "We can't do it any more."

Me: "But you all GOT HURT on the same day. I'm not sure I can summon up sadness that you can't all go hurt yourselves there again."

B: "But the getting hurt part is what's the most fun!!"

3. I am wandering around the house looking for my passport. I am not finding my passport. I stop and pray out loud "Lord, You can see my passport. Can You give me a clue?"

B, behind me: "And God says 'Sue, you left it in Zurich.' "

on leaving your computer unattended ...

So I'm working the Perpetual Novel and the phone rings. I get up to answer it, and B sits down in my chair.

I come back to get back to work and read:

“What’s funny?”

“You were. Slipping in and out of Shift – the youngsters were most entertained.”


Laurel smiled. “You over there”

See if you can work out what he added :)

ETA: Oooops. I did mention this was a fantasy novel? 'Slipping in and out of Shift' is actually an actual something that actually happened. Sorry about that.

Monday, March 22, 2010

oh hang on

So I was at a writing thing this weekend, hanging out with some of my favourite people, trying once again to work out how and where to make a space for the Perpetual Novel in my life ...

sometimes I've come away thinking "there's no way I can remember all this new stuff I've just heard" but this weekend was a bit different. For one thing, I was leading a workshop for some of the time, for another, I was on the planning committee, so that always throws me off focus a little.

Saturday afternoon, in the afternoon, sitting with my Senior High Sunday School teacher (how freaky is that??? she looks YOUNGER than I do), listening and doodling and taking notes this sentence highlighted itself for me.

"...you sit down at a blank page and create something out of nothing ..."

and I was all "Wait no that's what I do when I knit" and then various parts of my brain went "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

So there's this internal drive to CREATE. I don't know that we all have it - I think we do. I think if you're alive, you have it. Some people cook. Some people clean, creating order out of chaos. (those people can have at 'er in my house any time they like, btw). There's any number of creative pursuits.

Some are easier than others. Knitting, for instance, even a pair of socks on needles the size of toothpicks, might JUST be easier than conjuring an entire novel out of thin air.

So there's this outside chance that I am satisfying that creative urge to such an extent that novel has become excruciatingly painful work?


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too horrible to be borne

I never thought it would happen to me.

It's happened to a lot of other people, and I've always felt a little sorry for them. It's nothing they've done, or haven't done, but still - I felt a little superior. Not even blessed or fortunate - just, you know, better at that one thing than the entire rest of the universe, and yes, I mean you and you and you, and even you. Oh, and you over there, you bright young thing, you. Especially you, with the no-grey-hair and the perky - I digress.

Today ...it's too awful to tell, but tell I must.

Today - oh, the shame of it all.



had to ...

look up not one, but TWO, phone numbers. Phone numbers I have dialled for years, phone numbers that are assigned to people near and dear to me. Phone numbers that OTHER people, people without the famed Roberts Memory, have been looking up for years.

What's next to go?

Monday, March 08, 2010

Things I am Fresh Out Of

  1. eggs
  2. salt
  3. fresh-baked buns
  4. enthusiasm*

*but only for going out tonight to teach. There's a howling Arctic wind and I want to finish D's sock.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Bits and Pieces

1. I would like to speak to whoever is responsible for handing out super powers. Whoever you are, you can have mine back, because I am not finding the ability to Forget Piano Lessons With Freakish Regularity an asset.

2. Knitting update (for the two of you who care): finished a shawl, a scarf, a lap blanket, an emergency prayer shawl. Have not finished the Sock, have not started the baby sweater. The baby sweater is worrisome because the baby was started well over eight months ago.

3. I need to stop sleeping the night away. Does it work to inject coffee straight into your bloodstream, do you know?