Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Life with not just any 14 year old

I'm not here, I'm knitting a scarf for Patrick in the yummy, smooshy and yet somehow manly yarn and after that I am knitting a scarf out of that Cadenza I finally broke down and bought but ....

If I don't write this down, ten years from now Technoboy and I will look at each other and ask "what was that thing A did with the tea?" and we will not be able to remember and then we'll just laugh anyway and say "well it sure was funny" and the other one will say "yep she sure was" and we will go back to doddering fools with a vague memory of A having cracked us right up.

TB has started drinking sweet tea instead of Coke, as much as he can. It's cheaper and maybe has less sugar. TB drinks copius quantities of liquid. The tea jug is often empty, and I have taken to making tea when I see that it is empty. Today I ran out of sugar in the sugar canister so grabbed the sugar bowl for the last 1/3 of a cup of sugar I needed.

I came home from driving someone somewhere and TB asked "Did you make the tea?"

"Why yes I did." I replied, expecting possibly some gratitude.

TB left the room and returned with a cup of sweet tea for me. What an innovative way to say thank you, I thought, and took a big gulp of the tea and promptly spat it back out into the cup.

"A!" I hollered. "Did you put salt in the sugar bowl?"

A came laughing into the living room, and TB repeated the question.

"Funny story." she says ...

"One day I was making rice with cinnamon and sugar for myself and as I was putting sugar in, I thought how funny it would be if someone had put salt in there instead, so I put enough salt in there that Mom wouldn't put sugar in on top of it.

Then I took a bite of my rice and it just wasn't sweet enough and so I took the sugar bowl that I had just put salt in and added some to my rice."

The lecture on Lets Not Waste Whole Cups of Salt waited until we had all stopped laughing at each other.

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