Wednesday, November 04, 2009


A is practicing piano, but has moved on from her assigned songs to something she's trying just to see if she can learn it ...

B is chopping tomatoes for the taco supper he's planned, and largely executed (I fried the hamburger).

The dog is staring at B with unwavering devotion, because he is Near Cheese, and sometimes good things happen when the humans are near cheese.

TechnoGuy comes out of his office and smiles at the whole bunch of us, and I think - yep. This is it, this is what I longed for, all those years that no babies came. Moments like this, warm and friendly, the house full of music and the smell of supper cooking.

May I never forget to be grateful.


Colleen Taylor said...

Oh, I know that longing well and I revel in the fulfillment of yours.

violet said...

Reminds me of the commercial where a guy gets one of those moments when he's driving his big beautiful Lexus - or something (and then spoils it by thinking of 'what's for dinner?'). I like your brand of perfect moment way more.