Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My husband is really smart

Okay, so you know how you're in church on Sunday morning and somebody stands up and says "Please pray for Edna - she's having surgery Thursday and she's a bit nervous about it." and you think "Totally. I will totally pray for Edna." and then maybe you even go find Edna after the service and give her a hug and listen to her story and promise to pray for her?

And then you know how you go home and the dog needs to go out and there's laundry and dishes and driving kids places and what are we having for supper and suddenly there it is Thursday night and you think "Ack! Edna!"

So maybe you and your friends and your church decide to start e-mailing prayer requests to each other, and that's a little better, and sometimes you send up a prayer just as soon as you get the e-mail, but there are still so many of those times that you move on from e-mail to going to look at pictures of things your friends are knitting and again, Thursday comes and goes and you've forgotten?

Wouldn't it be just so awesome if someone would write a utility that would put a little window up on your computer desktop that had prayer requests in it, one at a time, and cycled through them all day? And this program (or Windows Gadget) would be something subscribable, so maybe even your whole church could create a prayer request list, and then potentially we would be all reminded of each other just when we needed it most? And then wouldn't it be GREAT if that were secure, so that only the people it mattered to could see it?

Well it would and it is.

Go check it out - www.remindergadget.com

(TechnoBoy made that all up, out of his own head.)


Marcia said...

this is soooo cool. Gonna get one! :)

Flicka said...

He IS really smart! I just forwarded the link to the elder in charge of our prayer chain. Good work, Sue's Hubby!

Colleen Taylor said...

Yup, he's smart alright!

Koala Bear Writer said...

That is cool! Neat :)

Angela said...

Totally brill. :-) Can I help spread the word?