Monday, November 02, 2009

The great big post of nearly everything

1. When Curves is fun? Is when my friends M and C are there, or one of them, for at least part of it.

when Curves is not fun? Is when I go at a different time and the place has been taken over by midget Valkyries who are Serious About Working Out and nobody weighs an ounce over Ideal.

I closed my eyes and thought of England. Or Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas, the desk in my bedroom with my computer opened on it, waiting for me to ...

2. Write a book in a month. NaNoWriMo. Yeeeesh. Lots of people I know are doing it and there's a certain "abandon everything else and focus like a bulldog" aspect of it that appeals to me. In years past I saved that for Christmas Knitting and then I did not want to knit for months afterwards. I'm not sure I want to risk that with my writing, and yet ...

an idea niggles. What to do, what to do.

3. Okay this one needs a picture. I've been working out with Valkyries, so instead of "taking things at my own pace" I've been flailing like a beached seal, and I am sore, so bear with me as I totter downstairs for the camera.

Yes, that is a child of mine DRIVING A VEHICLE. Legally.

4. I have ingested far too much Hallowe'en candy. I don't even like sugar and my insulin-resistant processing system likes it even less. I am here to tell you that I am all done with the Tootsie Rolls.

5. There's SO much more but I have to meet my brother at my Mom's in half an hour and I have been sweating. How's my Mom, you ask?

Here's a pic from her 72nd birthday.


Karen said...

I'd say your mom knows how to party! And I'm with you in the disbelief deparment of having a 'child' driving. I'm thinking there should be a parent preparedness exam as part of that whole process.

beckster said...

#3- she looks much more responsible and held back than my first time behind the wheel if that makes you feel any better. And I have yet to get into any serious trouble! But remember with the airbags, 9 and 3! 9 and 3!! No more 10 and 2 around here unless you want a broken nose!