Monday, November 16, 2009

A post my husband is free to remind me of every time I come home from playing with M's new puppy ...

Life with One Dog.

Morning: Take the dog out. Dog sniffs yard for 12 seconds, pees, comes galloping to you to be loved on because you are the Favourite and have not been seen since last night, which was a very long time ago.

Day: Dog follows you everywhere, cleverly keeping out of the way of your feet at all times, wagging her tail. Cheerfully.

If the dog wants out, she will go and sit by a door. If she thinks she's been sitting by a door too long, she will bark. Once. Once outside, she will sniff the ground for no longer than 37.5 seconds, and Get On With It. While she is outside, she does not eat any fecal matter belonging to any other species and if she tries to eat anything else, she drops it when she's told to.

Feeding: There is food in her dish. Always. She condescends to eat it every three days or so, which seems to be working well for her, so I give up fussing about it. She's not losing weight.

Night time: One of the children hauls her up into their bunkbed, or they both forget, and she sleeps in our room. She goes to sleep between 9 and 10, and sleeps until people start moving around.

All in all - it's easy. Mostly we have to take her out the second we get home if we've been gone for a long time, so that she can pee in delight on the grass, not the carpet.

Life With Two Dogs:

Morning: Dog A wants to play. Dog B is an Older Lady (at least three by now) and wants to not play. Both dogs are taken outside. Dog B, who lives here, pees and is ready to be adored. Dog A, who has been here for over a week already, has to bond with the backyard again before she can grace it with any of her eliminations. This involves hiding under my chair for a while (I take my knitting out there - they can't be alone because of the Coyote Issue), watching Dog B, sniffing the air, startling at every bird call, and finally, at long last, gamboling about the yard like a spring lamb. It is not a 12 second process.

We come inside. Dog B jumps into my lap. Dog A has a three minute nap, and then starts whining to go out, because she wasn't done out there yet. I stare at the dog in consternation. She whines some more.
Out we all go again, but in the intervening 15 minutes, the back yard has once again become a place of terror, and must be bonded with again. Dog B watches Dog A with a mild sort of "What the flap?" expression on her face.
All business done and picked up, we go back inside.

Fifteen minutes later, Dog A starts to heave - thank heaven I got her off the carpet in time. (What is THAT about? why is the carpet a better place to hurl? I had to physically restrain her - and wow, that was fun. Let's get three more dogs!)

Now I realize some of this is personality, but would we get this lucky twice? This visiting dog is lovely and fluffy and silky and so timid she's almost un-walkable. Every new tree is something to sit down and contemplate before daring to dart past. Every new thing is cringe worthy - except strange fecal matter, and THAT is to be eaten. She HATES her crate, she won't eat her own food, (although Toopka doesn't eat at other people's houses either) she's afraid of my dog (who let her TAKE A TREAT from between her front paws, so it's not that she's radiating agression)

Wait the whole point to this post was TWO DOGS ARE MORE WORK THAN ONE.


TechnoBoy, you can say I TOLD YOU SO now, if you like.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My husband is really smart

Okay, so you know how you're in church on Sunday morning and somebody stands up and says "Please pray for Edna - she's having surgery Thursday and she's a bit nervous about it." and you think "Totally. I will totally pray for Edna." and then maybe you even go find Edna after the service and give her a hug and listen to her story and promise to pray for her?

And then you know how you go home and the dog needs to go out and there's laundry and dishes and driving kids places and what are we having for supper and suddenly there it is Thursday night and you think "Ack! Edna!"

So maybe you and your friends and your church decide to start e-mailing prayer requests to each other, and that's a little better, and sometimes you send up a prayer just as soon as you get the e-mail, but there are still so many of those times that you move on from e-mail to going to look at pictures of things your friends are knitting and again, Thursday comes and goes and you've forgotten?

Wouldn't it be just so awesome if someone would write a utility that would put a little window up on your computer desktop that had prayer requests in it, one at a time, and cycled through them all day? And this program (or Windows Gadget) would be something subscribable, so maybe even your whole church could create a prayer request list, and then potentially we would be all reminded of each other just when we needed it most? And then wouldn't it be GREAT if that were secure, so that only the people it mattered to could see it?

Well it would and it is.

Go check it out -

(TechnoBoy made that all up, out of his own head.)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


A is practicing piano, but has moved on from her assigned songs to something she's trying just to see if she can learn it ...

B is chopping tomatoes for the taco supper he's planned, and largely executed (I fried the hamburger).

The dog is staring at B with unwavering devotion, because he is Near Cheese, and sometimes good things happen when the humans are near cheese.

TechnoGuy comes out of his office and smiles at the whole bunch of us, and I think - yep. This is it, this is what I longed for, all those years that no babies came. Moments like this, warm and friendly, the house full of music and the smell of supper cooking.

May I never forget to be grateful.

Monday, November 02, 2009

The great big post of nearly everything

1. When Curves is fun? Is when my friends M and C are there, or one of them, for at least part of it.

when Curves is not fun? Is when I go at a different time and the place has been taken over by midget Valkyries who are Serious About Working Out and nobody weighs an ounce over Ideal.

I closed my eyes and thought of England. Or Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas, the desk in my bedroom with my computer opened on it, waiting for me to ...

2. Write a book in a month. NaNoWriMo. Yeeeesh. Lots of people I know are doing it and there's a certain "abandon everything else and focus like a bulldog" aspect of it that appeals to me. In years past I saved that for Christmas Knitting and then I did not want to knit for months afterwards. I'm not sure I want to risk that with my writing, and yet ...

an idea niggles. What to do, what to do.

3. Okay this one needs a picture. I've been working out with Valkyries, so instead of "taking things at my own pace" I've been flailing like a beached seal, and I am sore, so bear with me as I totter downstairs for the camera.

Yes, that is a child of mine DRIVING A VEHICLE. Legally.

4. I have ingested far too much Hallowe'en candy. I don't even like sugar and my insulin-resistant processing system likes it even less. I am here to tell you that I am all done with the Tootsie Rolls.

5. There's SO much more but I have to meet my brother at my Mom's in half an hour and I have been sweating. How's my Mom, you ask?

Here's a pic from her 72nd birthday.

The great big post of nearly everything