Saturday, October 10, 2009

My hero

So a few whiles ago I took A to the eye doctor, and lo and behold, her prescription has changed drastically, and if she wants to get her learners now that she's 14, like you can in this province, she must be wearing eyeglasses while she drives.

This means we must purchase her a pair of eyeglasses. Any of you who have ever tried to get someone who hates the very idea of glasses to pick out a pair of frames - I invite you to guess how the initial attempt went. At one point, she offered to suck it up and pick a pair if I allowed her to wear mascara before Grade 10 because then her eyes wouldn't disappear behind the lenses. This seemed like ...well, somehow, half reasonable? and like I wouldn't be stuck in the shop for the rest of my life? I called TechnoRock and asked him what he thought and he thought "Nonsense." and so I looked at the TeenAgedHardPlace and said a very short goodbye to the Rock and went to the van where my head exploded. And then we all went home.

Today TechnoBoy took A and a friend shopping to pick out frames. At first it was one friend, D, and then "oh but she's hanging out with X today so he's coming too" and then it was "oh and Y is coming too, and then we're all going roller blading after" so, TechnoHero took 4 people to Costco to pick out glasses by committee and within an hour he texted me to say they had frames and YAY! and how much of a good sport is he???? and they cost approximately half what I was expecting them to and did I mention my husband is an EXTREMELY good sport???

That is all.

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Slow'n'Steady said...

yes. the spousal units occasionally step up to the plate when they notice exploding things.