Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dudes! That was amazing.

That title right there? That's the kind of thing how you can tell I'm a poet what sells poetry.

But here's what I'm talking about.

Walking the dog, just at dusk, because we've decided that if a coyote is going to crouch on the other side of the fence and watch her do her Thang, even though I am shrieking at the top of my (rather considerable) lungs from the deck, it's time for the All Leash, All the Time phase of dog toiletry. Unless we no longer want a dog, and until someone else in this house starts snorting for joy just because I've walked through the door, I still want a dog.

What was I talking about? right. Walking the dog. We're up the hill from the lake but I can hear geese, overhead, and then I realize I can hear them landing on the lake, and so I head down the hill to the lake, and ...wow.

Geese, geese, geese, honking overhead, and wheeling and sinking below the trees so that I could no longer make out any more than brief flashes of white on their bellies, and landing on the lake with a great communal whooshing splash - and honking and gabbling and looking for each other ...and it went on and on and on. It was dusk, my favourite time of day, because all the lines between things blend, and it is so easy to be gentle with my own flesh and bone, and the air was a cool caress and the long symphony of migration went on and on and on and I was in the middle of it, open-mouthed in awe.

A marvelous gift of a moment.


Momstheword said...

Beautiful. However, the odd side of me is wondering about standing under a flock of geese with your mouth open..... Love ya

CA said...

Oh that was beautiful, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! However, I need Mr. Clean to do a number on the side of my house, where these wonders of nature fly over, releasing what they've consumed in the fields east of Calgary...yech!
Blest nature...oh ya! CA

Misplacedwestsider said...

I also have been enthralled by the nature God has given us as a gift recently. To stand on a trail and hear a deer "talk" to its nearby fawn astounded me. I don't hunt so the closest I have ever been to hearing deer "speak" was a recording at the museum.
Then to behold 2 male deer struggling against one another with their antlers 2 weeks ago left me completely breathless. God has definately given us quite an awesome world to behold!

Karen said...

Beautiful imagery- imagined goose poop and all.

Joanna Mallory said...

Thanks for sharing!

Slow'n'Steady said...

LOL @momstheword.

Oh Sue, that paragraph was beauteous. And the rest was entertaining.

I loved the line: "..until someone else in this house starts snorting for joy just because I've walked through the door..." Can you imagine what that would look like? LOL.

Here's my contribution to the magic: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_fbzLuQWWoLQ/SdBTkvGpX5I/AAAAAAAAAqY/MoXr1xQYQIM/s1600-h/100_5475.JPG