Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The title to this post is so clever I had to delete it, lest all of cyberspace be silenced by its pithiness

(the title is also a total lie)

I've been having this really deep thought about how it is that reading is escapism because it totally takes you away from where you are, but then I wondered why it is that being in Henry and Clare's* house was so much better than being in my own, and I finally realized that in real life, you don't get to delete everything that doesn't move the plot forward. And really, a lot of real life doesn't do much to move the plot forward. When I walk through the front door with Clare, it's for a reason. When I walk through the front door out here among the living, I see six pairs of shoes on the floor and put away the three that are mine, and nag someone else to put away their three pairs. I notice the backpack on the couch and the socks on the stairs and can the kitchen floor really be that dirty after I washed it just last week? and yes, hello, puppy, I missed you desperately too, although I must admit I was relatively certain I'd see you again, and I'm not sure you had that same certainty. And maybe Clare is just carrying milk in order to conveniently move her to the back of the house where she can look out the kitchen window and see Alba and Alba playing together, but I've had six hundred thoughts since I got out of the van with the milk, and I'm not even in the front door yet. And I've forgotten where I even PUT the milk.

Fiction is less cluttered.

*name that book, anyone? ETA: Bailey, you are bang on :)


Bailey said...

Time Traveler's Wife?

Joanna Mallory said...

I'm with you, Susan, fiction is way less cluttered. And they leave out the boring bits.

I see Thomas Nelson is releasing a new book from the author of Blue Like Jazz where he talks about learning to edit his life to make it more interesting. I assume it's editing from this point forward, rather than going back and making things up. The first few pages looked intriguing.

Koala Bear Writer said...

That's why we read fiction. Life is complicated, fiction isn't. :)

Slow'n'Steady said...

If I were to edit my life to make it more interesting, I'd be the first to go.