Saturday, July 25, 2009

The week in a glance

We have had a lovely week with Mom and P. in the Netherlands. Monday was spent getting there - ferry Dover to Calais, then a long drive up to the small Freesian town they are renting a place in. They've been overseas for almost three months - they are going home Aug 8, so not too long after we go.

We've spent a lot of time driving around sea dikes, old dikes, new dikes, scattering sheep - we climbed a set of steps inside a grain silo and took a look at the lay of the land, the kids got wet and muddy in more places than just one, but the one day we had our bathing suits along it was almost too cold to swim and B was a bit bothered by the huge "watch out for the undertow!" signs to really enjoy himself ...we have rented bikes and spent a day biking around a lovely little island called Schiermannikoog.

Sock yarn has been acquired and the Denver sock has been knitted on.

Today we are headed to Legoland, after which B will want to go. home. right. now. as he has been away from home for most of July. I think the first night he gets to sleep in his own bed he will weep for joy.

I have twenty three minutes to shower, get dressed and eat before a small boy shows up here telling me we need to GO RIGHT NOW.


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