Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things I've Learned

1. A reallllly long stopover is a lot more fun when you've spent the extra airmiles and gotten a business class ticket, and therefore, access to a business class lounge. Not only is there a seemingly endless supply of free beverages, fruit, cookies and sandwiches show up on a regular basis, and it is very quiet.

AND I can still kick my daughter's hiney in Uno, this time on a table.

2. Knitting is much better carry-on entertainment than reading. I am not a particularly fast knitter, but I am a rather fast reader. I brought two novels along - by the end of the Calgary-Chicago leg of this journey, I had 50 pages left to read.

The Noro mittens I am working on are much much much much much lighter, and I can read five novels in the time it takes to knit one mitten.

Also mittens are prettier than books.


Karen said...

So envious of the business class ticket. I would have sold my left kidney for one of those on the trip home from Ethiopia with baby in tow. Happy travels and knitting!

Slow'n'Steady said...

Love hearing you compare two favorite activities. Why is it no surprise that the one which involves your creative contribution seems to be safely ensconced in top spot?

Kay Day said...

I can't imagine liking anything better than books.
What books did you read?

Koala Bear Writer said...

And business class lounges have wireless internet so you can update us via your laptop, right? Although I'm surprised that with all the security regulations, they let you on board with your knitting... a terrorist might be able to hold up a plane with a knitting needle! :)