Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Real post coming later today ...

seriously, that's my To Do List for the day:

1. Finish rating poetry for the magazine I'd rather not name in case it's not appropriate to be blogging about the whole thang

2. Test the gadget my brilliant spouse has written to operate under Windows Vista gadgets.

3. Do a blog post.

This wee post here? Just to get a few more editting things off my mind, because there's nothing better than sounding like a stuck up judgemental jerk.

1. Don't copyright your work, people. Nothing like saying "Hey strangers! I don't trust you not to steal my oh-so-special work. Probably you can't write nearly as good as me so please publish my poem but don't steal it."

2. Never mistake profanity for craft. The first swear word in a poem? I keep reading, just in case there's a need for it. The second one? I keep reading but I've lost hope. The third one? I think "Dude needs therapy" and move on to the next poem.

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