Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Promises, promises

Real post coming soon, I say, and I have a few ideas what I'll say and here it is time to create a real post and I got nothin'. If I start rambling, however, things may occur to me.


Some things are too big to talk about. Glen Eyrie. What can I say? this year when I went I was a little unsure as to whether or not I should go - how many years can go you learn about writing novels without actually writing one? but that's SO not what this year was about for me. We had a lovely too-short almost-week, our little group of novel writers (there were four different groups), getting to know each other and each other's work and really in so many cases being cheerleaders for each other. "and let us consider how to spur one another on ..." I left with a bone-deep sense of peace and belonging. J and I drove around Garden of the Gods afterwards and one of us spontaneously started to sing "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation" and then we just kept singing. Until we got to the bit that goes:

Hast thou not seen? How thy desires e'er have been
Granted in what He ordaineth?

and neither one of us seemed able to sing past the sudden lump in our throats.

I'm going back, again and again and again, as long as Angie and Nancy and Kathy and Al make it possible, because it is a place that replenishes me.


On the knitting front, I've finished the rather pink shawl for my mother, save the weaving in the of the ends and the washing and blocking. I love it so much I want one in a different colour for myself, but I want mine to be wider and longer, and I don't spend that kind of money on myself. How I ever got to where I was no longer buying acrylic yarn is beyond me, but I can barely stand to TOUCH acrylic now, let alone knit with it. Makes for expenisve projects.

I've also finished a pair of socks from the yarn TechnoBoy brought from Oregon. I finished them in Colorado. I am now knitting a pair of socks out of sock yarn I bought in Denver, that I expect to finish in Europe. (I have already googled "yarn shops in Amsterdam" in anticipation of knitting Netherlands socks in Canada, once I've finished the Colorado socks in Switzerland.)


On the connecting with people you knew thirty years ago who then dropped off your radar - B and I spent an absolutely delightful day in Manitoba with a high school friend who now lives in Florida. (She's at her mom's for a month.) She has a gaggle of perfectly lovely children (seven under ten, mostly boys, all adopted) and uses the word "remonstrate" in casual conversation. She also has a completely flat stomach, but no-one is perfect.


On the Catching Baby Skunks front, A caught one at her uncle's farm last week. It sprayed, but not terribly badly, so we were able to take A home to Alberta with us without strapping her to the roof of the van. There is a 13 second video of it waddling into the bushes that makes you think baby skunks are very very cute.


On the Life is Quirky and Quirky Is More Fun When It's Happening to Someone Else front, the turn signals in my van have decided they have finished the course, fought the good fight, etc. TG went out to change the fuse, but the fuse was not burnt out, and now I am driving around town using hand signals until after our holiday. That never gets old, that rolling down the window and sticking your arm out, especially if your arm is rather short to begin with, so you have to shift WAY over in your seat before sticking your arm out's been raining in Calgary all week. Hand signals in the rain cause you to go around muttering things about there being no crops in the city for the rain to be good for.


On the free grass front - that is, grass that cost nothing, not grass that has been liberated from its' thankless existence - our neighbours overestimated the amount of sod they would need to do their back yard and now our front yard looks like someone who has an inkling about yard care lives here. They even installed it for us.

Oh wait, also grass as in green stuff growing in a lawn like arrangement, not that other stuff.


On the Things My Mother Would Never Have Countenanced front - My daughter is making popcorn at midnight. She is thirteen years old. Why do I not make my children sleep?


Annnnnnnnnnnnd on the When Was Your Last Liver Ultrasound front - it's tomorrow, thanks for asking. I don't think there's anything wrong it (and indeed, neither does my doctor) but I cannot have breakfast tomorrow. And no coffee.


which reminds me!!! on the How Is Your Mother front - apparently there is no way to flip the Feisty Switch to "Off". She's taking her pills by mouth now, and eating three (very small) meals a day. She's often far too full afterwards but is insisting that her stomach is now working and the feeding tube can come out, thankkewverymuch. Gotta love her fighting spirit.


And on the What Are You Doing This Summer front, apparently this was the year TB decided to spend our accumulated air miles, so we are flying to Europe to spend a few weeks with his mom and her husband, who have rented a place near Amsterdam for a month. We'll be gone two and a half weeks, and are leaving our house guarded by a motley collection of vans, and a large dragon, just as soon as I can find one that will also take out the trash we forgot to take out today.


And on the Large Oozing Undetermined Injury on The Dog's Jaw front - why yes it's healed very nicely, thanks for asking.


And on the How Was Walking Around Winnipeg on July 1st? front was lovely but caused me to rant about a few things.

A) if you know you are going to a place where there will be many people and it will be hot and you will be walking on pavement a goodly portion of the time - why oh why oh why do you bring your dog? Do you not like your dog?

B) summer clothes. Just because they sell it in your size doesn't mean it should be purchased in your size and worn.


And on the Long Post Much? front - I'm done. Did I cover everything?


Heather Plett said...

What about the "connecting with people you love while in Winnipeg"? Hmmmm? Dogs and ridiculous summer clothes weren't the ONLY things you saw when you were here. :-)

Karen said...

I have a spare dragon if you would like to borrow him. In fact you can have him for keeps. His name is Rudy...

Have a wonderful time away!

Koala Bear Writer said...

I think so. Sounds like you are in for a very busy summer (and have already had a very busy start to it!). Hope the trip to Europe goes well. Hubby and I talked about something like that (while Sunshine flies free), but haven't enough Aeroplan yet. Oh well.

Colleen Taylor said...


Loved your moment in The Garden of the Gods.