Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey wait a minute!

Facebook and Blogger are in French? Interesting.

Okay so business class with the kids was a hoot. They were certainly the two least jaded passengers there, exclaiming in delight over a multitude of things before they finally settled in. (The look on A's face when she was handed her first steaming face cloth was priceless - safe to say she had no clue what it was for. I'm not actually sure *I* know what they're for, but I use them anyway.) TechnoBoy and A slept a lot of the 8 hour flight - B and I, not so much. I couldn't seem to fall asleep, and when I could, or often even before I could, a small dark head would pop up from behind me. "Mom?" About 6 hours in, he finally succumbed to sleep in spite of himself ("the thing is, I have never slept on a plane before, and it is WEIRD.") and then I napped a bit too.

Got the rental car no problem, and then spent a few hours (several hours) driving around Zurich and environs wishing we'd bothered to buy a map before we left home. The "oh let's just wait and see" approach works only so far. We finally decided that Basel looked like it was sort of on the way to Paris and headed there, after an expensive lunch in a tiny town. We ate on the patio though and saw the weirdest looking insect coming to the petunias, which I finally realized was maybe possibly a hummingbird moth (us voracious readers hear about all kinds of stuff.) (apparently only two moths in the SPHINGIDAE moth family have the word "hummingbird" in their name, so it may not have actually been a hummingbird moth, but it was most definitely a moth of the Sphingidae family - that's what I learned from the internet just now, so that I could inform you all. Seriously, google it - they are the oddest looking things. Like a tiny tiny hummingbird with antennae and a long long central ..umm...thingy. Antenna like proboscis? Proboscis-lie antennae?)

Food here is expensive. We are hoping to find a grocery store this morning (err afternoon if SOME PEOPLE don't get out of bed. I'm looking at you, B, A and TB!!!) that is actually OPEN, and make our own lunch, and eat supper out. We had such a good supper last night, though - we saw a little van with the word SNACK on top in huge letters, and had hot dogs and a hamburger and something called Les Americains, which cracked me up, because I have lived in Les Americas my whole life and never had a sandwich consisting of half a baguette (ie twice as long as most regular hot dog buns) lined with mustard, mayo and ketchup, and then two hamburger patties and a fried egg, then stuffed with a large order of crisp french fries. (I missed the words "pommes frites" in the rapid fire French that explained to me what "Les Americains" were.) The kids hotdogs? Half a baguette, 4 wieners. FOUR. Nobody could finish their whole sandwich, although B tried very very hard, and I just couldn't wrap my head around a French fry sandwich, so I plucked those out and shared them.

We now have a map, Paris is a few hours away, and if I don't give Sleeping Beauty this computer, "*I"* have to book the hotel for tonight, so BYE.


rachel said...

Okay, y'know what's funny? I'm in Japan, and:

a) I saw a hummingbird moth here.

b) Food is off-scale expensive.

c) "American" food is... well, words fail. Apparently we like ground beef patties, no bun, sometimes stuffed with weird cheese sauce, sometimes with nasty salty gravy. And then a big piece of chicken or fried jumbo prawns on the side.

Ergo, I believe we can conclude that Japan and France have more in common than hiterhto suspected.

Slow'n'Steady said...

Looks like you've begun your travel writing career. Keep it coming, baby, we peasants need to live vicariously.

See how interesting it is to share tidbits of info you have acquired? Soon you and I will be competing for Chief Information Offerer.

Miss you. Miss your dog. Love your mother. She says "Hi and I love you" too.