Saturday, July 11, 2009

ARGH and *snicker* and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee

1. ARGH.

a. The mouth appliance that B and his parents (that'd be TG and me) have been fighting about for lo these many months managed to BREAK an hour before B left for Bible Camp. On a Sunday. He's coming back from camp today, 15 hours before we leave for Europe for 18 days, so I took the appliance in to be fixed on Monday and on Thursday we drove out to camp to bring him back to the city to have it re-fitted, and then we took him back. He was pleased that we let him go to "Tuck" in the city at a gas station, and a bit miffed that he wasn't missing the mandatory "date night" banquet.

b. Going for some routine medical test Thursday, I opened the van door and the requisition form flew out the door and under my van, so I started the appointment by kneeling on the pavement muttering and fishing around under my van with a back scratcher.

2. *snicker*

"Mom, I need to go to the dentist," A told me. "My tooth fell out and now my whole mouth hurts."

So off to the dentist we go. The hygienist pokes around in her mouth for 12 seconds then sits back, grinning. The diagnosis?

A is teething. (four molars at once)


In less than 24 hours, all four of us will be on a plane. B had a Jones soda the other day, and there's always wee fortunes under the cap. B's said "You will soon be crossing big water" or some such thing, so we had no choice - over the Pond we go. I am ridiculously a) excited and b) unprepared.

And now to today's important question. It's a poll. Vote even if I'm already on the plane - I don't mind.


1. The Denver socks. That whole international sock thing is getting fun.

2. something straight and boring on a circular needle. You'll get a jumpstart on Christmas knitting (or finish DarienTheCommenter's scarf) and you'll never lose a needle.

3. Your mother's socks. Or those brown ones you promised to D. Think how good it will feel to get those off your conscience.

4. The Noro mittens. It's never the wrong time of year for some Noro love.

5. All of the above.

6. Back away from the knitting, you freak. What's wrong with reading a book?


Megan said...

I vote for #5!

violet said...

ok - if not #6, then #5. Actually 6 and 5. Whatever the case, I'm sure your bags will be stuffed with yarn(s).

Krista said...

#1, #4 and a new book. How's that for compromise? ;)

darien said...

I'm having a hard time not voting for Darienthecommenter's scarf.....

Kay Day said...

I say you start something new for your friend Kay who can't knit anything but squarish things.

But you know, any of the others would be good, too.

Slow'n'Steady said...

How about picking up some Amsterdam yarn for the woman who is getting up at an ungodly hour to drive you to the airport because she loves you and doesn't expect a thing in return but boy if she did get something, wouldn't she be delightfully surprised that you thought of it all on your own.