Sunday, July 19, 2009

Annnd we're in England!

Friday morning - dashed off to Versailles, took a tour of the private apartments of Kings Louis 14th, 15th and 16th - the monarchy stopped at Louis 16th, what with the French Revolution and the beheading and such ...TG and A were very interested, I was very hot and tired and worn out from the humidity and B was just plain bored out of his tree. After Versailles, we headed north to Calais, and took a ferry across to Dover, and England and there are just not enough words in the English language to tell you how much I love England, and how very extremely surpassingly lovely it has been to spend time with our friends in Diss, Norfolk.

It's been raining off and on since we got here and I don't care. Dearly beloved friends that we don't get to see nearly often enough, as there's this great huge ocean between us, comfy beds and home cooked food, and oh my word, cheese. Loads and loads of different sorts of cheese - and I walked into a cheese shop and bought cheese. Felt very Monty Python-ish, although they did, in fact, have any cheese at all. They took us out to the seaside at Southwold and we sat in the sand and ate fish and chips and watched B saturate himself in the North Sea, and A freeze to death. Well okay she's still breathing :) but she got cold a lot faster than B did.

B has had the time of his life, sleeping in their son's room (the son has grown up and gone away to college and left a room full of car magazines and Lego) - he's been so pleased to have a wee place of his own that he's taken his coat out of the suitcase and hung it on a hanger - think he's hinting? The other day I thought I'd take the dog for a walk (although I let that thought get away before I did anything about it) and I went to ask the kids if they wanted to come along and B had disappeared. I found him upstairs in M's room with the door closed strumming on M's guitar. (and no, he doesn't know how to play guitar!)

Today (Sunday) we took the kids to meet their oldest daughter E, who is working at a church camp this week, and they spent about 12 hours there, being part of an English Bible Camp. They came home full of stories about how "they thought WE had an accent!" and the two billion questions the English children asked them about America. A is apparently coming back next year.

The rest of us acted like adults all day - well, as close as any of us are able to come to acting like adults! Church in the morning, lunch at a lovely inn (we got home from LUNCH at 4:30), a bit of cheese and crackers for tea (snicker) and then out to church again.

It's just all been so unimaginably good. Tomorrow there's a quick stop at a yarn shop and then off to the ferry again. Tomorrow night we'll likely be sleeping in Ternaard, with TG's Mom and her husband.

Some day we are all coming back to live here, yes we are.


darien said...

so are you going to have an accent when I see you?

Slow'n'Steady said...

All those piano lessons, just give B a book on guitar chords, he'll figure out the rules in no time.

You sound so delightfully happy.

I am so glad.

Carolyn said...

EHhhh n'arn't U the lucky won's naow! Pip-pip n'all that rot! Ha.
Took copies of your trip adventures to your mom, and she is reading them. She's fine, loved your phone call from atop the Eiffel tower.
Your yard looks like no one lives there and back of the house "covered" with those pesky mothy-fly buggies...yech!
Enjoy Holland! Hi to the "folks" EH!
ps. Hi to the kids...tell A that N&D are engaged, getting married Aug. 31.

Anonymous said...

Annnnd the Netherlands must be awesome b'cuz we aren't hearing anything from you...