Tuesday, July 14, 2009


if your child gets trapped in a bathroom while you are checking out hotel prices, and the woman behind the counter reaches for a pair of scissors and ambles over to the door, and uses the scissors to spring the door from the outside, would you check in there?

(we didn't)

And yes, they let me take my knitting on the plane but I was sure to take something that it wouldn't kill me to have to rip off the needles (wooden, double pointed - they may have been pickier about long metal as opposed to short wood) and I read Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen (of Water for Elephants fame) and Talking to the Dead by Bonnie Grove. The second was a rapid read because I wanted to know how it ended. A fantastic book - kudos to you, Bonnie!


Carolyn said...

Well, I'm so glad you made it there, and that I can "come along" with you...at least on the 'blog' here. This is great. Have fun!

Colleen Taylor said...

I am SO looking forward to finishing Talking to the Dead. After family camp and my brother's pottery sale. I wonder if I'll have time to read when my boyfriend K and his daughter are here. K loves to read, too, so there's a good chance that we could be mutually contented with that activity.