Monday, May 25, 2009

I cannot think of a title, which does not bode well for how focussed this entry may or may not be

1. Hey hooray I finally got some knitting done at a soccer game. (yes I can so watch and knit) It's been far far far FAR too cold to do anything but this:

most of the season, so a day when it was warm enough to knit was welcome indeed. (I am the one in the middle. Despite festooning myself in knitwear, and wrapping the carrying bag for the folding chair around my neck to stop the biting wind, I am so cold here I cannot feel my legs. I neglected to wear two pairs of pants.)

Tomorrow, when they both have soccer again, it is supposed to rain. Spring soccer is so much fun!

2. Have been knitting. Shocking, isn't it? Have no pics because I counted the number of things I have on the needles and I refuse to document my appalling lack of focus. However, the Oregon sock yarn is knitting up very very prettily. Much way more prettier than the brown/teal combo I currently have on the needles for myself. Probably those ones will be too warm for the summer. Must knit the Oregon sock yarn first - it's half cotton, after all.

3. Have been writing. No-one is more shocked by this than I am. What is embarrassing is how easy it is to meet my teeny quota per day, and yet how quickly those few words add up to 1000, and then 1000 more - I could write a whole book without even *noticing*. (sort of)

4. Have not been burning dinner. Yet. Although if I do not hit publish this instand*, that may no longer be true.

*I do not even have time to fix this spelling mistake, apparently.


Koala Bear Writer said...

I can identify with the cold weather sports watching. I've frozen at a few of my hubby's rugby games. Although the first time it was worth it, because it was before we were dating and it proved to him that I really was quite interested... :)

Anonymous said...

..been there, done that ... bought the multiple soccer bad weather T-shirts!! ... smile ...... would not have traded it for the world!! ....... B

Colleen Taylor said...

lol twice, no, thrice. Really relate to #4 -- my brother is so much a better cook than I. He's a total creative, too, but being a man he's better able to focus on one thing at a time, so rarely burns anything on the stove, although the remains of his boiled over 7-layer dinner still give off smoke whenever we use the oven. I think it's my responsibility to clean it up ... except I can't figure out the self-clean feature!