Thursday, May 28, 2009

Enough of the frozen solid pics

I'm getting tired of that picture every time I go to my blog. Not that I (ahem) go read my own blog or anything. That would be solipsistic in the extreme. (If that's a word. Or even a concept)

If only I had a Twitter account, I could tell the world I love my new hair.

This would be why I don't have Twitter. I don't think my goal as a writer should be to produce things, on a daily basis no less, that make any potential readers I may have, say "So ???"

Wait. Isn't that what the blog is for?

Hey, world. I love my new hair. It's very blond and short and sassy. And did I mention v v v blond? Or blonde, even? The hairdresser (not the regular magician, who is away) decided that the fact that my eyelashes are invisible meant that I am meant to be blonde. She promised me that she would tell the regular magician he's been wrong about my hair colour all along, and then we laughed and laughed, as will those of you who know who we're talking about. And then she told a long funny story about a customer who attempted to prevent the regular magician from talking about politics for an entire haircut. And it was very funny, because TRM can't help it, and the customer kept interrupting him and asking "Are you talking about politics again?"

Now if only all those words I just wrote could count towards my daily quota, which I have almost attained except I also need to address the small matter of not having met Tuesday's quota, or Wednesday's.

One hundred pages by June 14th, or bust! Also there is knitting to do, and also there is cave maintenance. I have no time to blog. Leave me a comment and tell me you are SO DONE reading this drivel, so I will go and do those other things, will you?

Also are you as sad as I am that there is no nestfull of baby robins on my deck this year?


Anonymous said...

Hey there Blondy, Don't stop...pleeezzzzzeee...don't stop blogging now. I don't have a life, I need yours...hahahahaaaa. Well, I at least like the way you express yours!!! What great fun with words you have, so to encourage you -- write, write, write...can't wait to read that novel.

Karen said...

If I stopped reading your blog then I would be forced to clean my own cave or to clean the moat or something equally tedious.

I am looking forward to seeing the The Hair.

Colleen Taylor said...

I am so NOT done reading this so-called drivel. In fact, I've only just begun. You could cheat and post some of your other required writing ... you know, sneak peeks.

(I always have to concentrate hard not to misspell peeks following sneak.)

By the way, I thought you were already blonde, but I guess it was more strawberry to red-ish, eh?