Friday, May 29, 2009

Here's a question

(I almost titled this "Hey, here's a question" when I thought that possibly I had started a title with the word "Hey" once or twice in the past. Turns out I was right. I was going to link them but I couldn't figure it out in 6.3 seconds, so you'll just have to believe me.)

Was there a question? Oh wait yes there was. What's a word a person could use for the concept of "broadcasting" before there was technology? It's a mind-speaky thing - thinking so loud everyone can hear you.

Thank you.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

mourn with me

I've just had to cut "Corbin's eyes sought Kirna's, shuttered behind obstinate lids." and replace it with ...

Sigh ...

"She closed her eyes."

ETA: It gets worse. She doesn't close her eyes at all. She keeps clearing the table. All we have now is:

"Corbin's eyes sought Kirna's. She shrugged."

And I have a sneaking suspicion that whole eyes seeking eyes thing may need to go as well.

Deleting things isn't helping the word count at ALL.

Enough of the frozen solid pics

I'm getting tired of that picture every time I go to my blog. Not that I (ahem) go read my own blog or anything. That would be solipsistic in the extreme. (If that's a word. Or even a concept)

If only I had a Twitter account, I could tell the world I love my new hair.

This would be why I don't have Twitter. I don't think my goal as a writer should be to produce things, on a daily basis no less, that make any potential readers I may have, say "So ???"

Wait. Isn't that what the blog is for?

Hey, world. I love my new hair. It's very blond and short and sassy. And did I mention v v v blond? Or blonde, even? The hairdresser (not the regular magician, who is away) decided that the fact that my eyelashes are invisible meant that I am meant to be blonde. She promised me that she would tell the regular magician he's been wrong about my hair colour all along, and then we laughed and laughed, as will those of you who know who we're talking about. And then she told a long funny story about a customer who attempted to prevent the regular magician from talking about politics for an entire haircut. And it was very funny, because TRM can't help it, and the customer kept interrupting him and asking "Are you talking about politics again?"

Now if only all those words I just wrote could count towards my daily quota, which I have almost attained except I also need to address the small matter of not having met Tuesday's quota, or Wednesday's.

One hundred pages by June 14th, or bust! Also there is knitting to do, and also there is cave maintenance. I have no time to blog. Leave me a comment and tell me you are SO DONE reading this drivel, so I will go and do those other things, will you?

Also are you as sad as I am that there is no nestfull of baby robins on my deck this year?

Monday, May 25, 2009

I cannot think of a title, which does not bode well for how focussed this entry may or may not be

1. Hey hooray I finally got some knitting done at a soccer game. (yes I can so watch and knit) It's been far far far FAR too cold to do anything but this:

most of the season, so a day when it was warm enough to knit was welcome indeed. (I am the one in the middle. Despite festooning myself in knitwear, and wrapping the carrying bag for the folding chair around my neck to stop the biting wind, I am so cold here I cannot feel my legs. I neglected to wear two pairs of pants.)

Tomorrow, when they both have soccer again, it is supposed to rain. Spring soccer is so much fun!

2. Have been knitting. Shocking, isn't it? Have no pics because I counted the number of things I have on the needles and I refuse to document my appalling lack of focus. However, the Oregon sock yarn is knitting up very very prettily. Much way more prettier than the brown/teal combo I currently have on the needles for myself. Probably those ones will be too warm for the summer. Must knit the Oregon sock yarn first - it's half cotton, after all.

3. Have been writing. No-one is more shocked by this than I am. What is embarrassing is how easy it is to meet my teeny quota per day, and yet how quickly those few words add up to 1000, and then 1000 more - I could write a whole book without even *noticing*. (sort of)

4. Have not been burning dinner. Yet. Although if I do not hit publish this instand*, that may no longer be true.

*I do not even have time to fix this spelling mistake, apparently.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now that's love

So TechnoBoy spent 6 days on a road trip, driving all over the place and taking pictures of things, and just generally recharging his introverted battery. He returned home in the wee small hours of the morning today, bearing gifts.

B has a new toy jeep. He is delighted.

A has a lava lamp. (not that they call them that any more) She is beyond delighted.

And when it came to shopping for me, my husband, rootling around the Oregon coast, went into a tiny little "yarn and tea" shop in a small coastal town, and bought me sock yarn.

Just typing that makes me want to go give him another kiss for it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey! it's Wednesday!

So today I was working on a secret knitting project. I looked at my watch before I started. Right around 1:45.

I cast on 88 stitches, checked the time because I had to leave the house at 2:15 to pick kids up from school. (yes that's early but the reasons why I go so early are long and boring except for the part where I get to knit for 20 minutes while I wait)
It was 1:45.

Cool. I knit 2 rounds and checked the time. Quarter to 2.

I knit another round and realized I hated the way I cast it on, so I frogged it and rewound the yarn, and hey! I didn't have to leave for another half an hour, I should be all proactive and start supper. Was very pleased with the lightning like speed with which that pattern was knitting up.

I walked into the kitchen, threw 3 lbs of hamburger in the frying pan (saves time to freeze it cooked!) and glanced at the kitchen clock. 2:15.

Apparently knitting does NOT stop time.

Also belatedly apparent? That free watch I got at that store was worth exactly what I paid for it.


In other news, I was praying about the novel last night, telling God there was really no point trying to write anything more between now and my annual trip to the castle in June when it became clear that that was absolute hogwash. Really? I asked. How many words should I try to add between now and then? (it's hard to describe this, really - but there are times when prayer really IS dialog) And a number popped into my head and I went home and counted out how many days I could reasonably expect to write between now and then and came up with an embarrassingly easy daily quota. I am happy to report that I reached my quota today.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Never gets old

8 am. Phone rings. I answer, amazed that I can even find the phone at 8 am on a Saturday morning, when I've been asleep for all of about 5 hours. It's my Mom, wanting to know how I am. The conversation is not long.

8:15 am. See above.

9:00 am I briefly consider pitching the handset through the bedroom window, but I've managed to misplace one of the three already, and then we'd be down to one, and therefore sometimes forced to SIT IN ONE SPOT while we're on the phone.

So YAY! she is feeling better but BOO! she is boredboredbored.

But that's not what the title of this post is referring to. No, the title is referring to ...stuff on my dog. Someone at church the other day asked me if the dog was getting paid to model and for a split second I thought "No, but could she? Maybe that would pay more than poetry." Alas, the questioner was referring to the recurring Stuff on My Dog theme of this blog. (seriously, why is anyone still reading this? I read the last 5 months over a few days ago and while I may be sketchy on the details, what I remember is "My mother is sick, look I knit something, still sick, still knitting, sick, knit, sick, knit ..."

In the interest of mixing things up a bit, perhaps I'll seek a different model for the thing the dog is wearing for you today. If I ever finish it. I started at 8 stitches and increased 4 stitches every other row, and I'm now at over 400 stitches per row (I did not improve my life one teeny tiny bit by counting those stitches, either!) and a row takes approximately 2 million hours to knit. And still I press on. Why? Because it's more tangible than a plot-less novel full of people I like, that's why.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"simple yet effective shawl"

(that's the pattern name)

Here it is on my favourite model. (still needs blocking)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Hope is a fine thing, perhaps the best of things."*


Once upon a time in a faraway land, my mother lived in a nursing home in a different province, and while the people who worked there were kind and loving people, their hands were tied by policies and a very high number of people requiring "heavy care". In meetings to discuss how my mother's needs would best be met, there were lots of "Yes but" and "That's against our policy" and my brother and I were far far away in a different province and lo, it was Not Good.

(It is VERY IMPORTANT to me that I point out that I do not think the other home she was in was negligent in any way. The demographics were different and so was the staff/resident ratio. They did the very best they could with the resources they had. This is in no way meant to be a criticism of where she was.)

Yesterday there was a care conference for my mother. There were seven people in the room besides me, and all I heard was "We'd like to try ..." and "I think she would like ..." and "What if we tried..." By the time I left, she had a lovely new wheelchair (the BMW of wheelchairs. It reclines! and is still small and lightweight and it is a thing of well-oiled beauty, as we discovered when we took it for a spin around the nursing home today. It is reportedly very comfortable, as well) and the staff had committed to making her get out of bed to sit in it for at least an hour a day. This wonder of chairs just happened to have been donated by another family just a few weeks ago.

And the doctor said "Other than the feeding tube, she is in remarkably good health." and they all talked about the (admittedly painfully slow) progress she's been making in recovering from surgery, etc, and every single one of the people who see her on a daily basis commented on what a lovely positive plucky woman she is.

I know she won't live forever, but "progress" is just such a much nicer word than "deterioration", isn't it?

*free gift** to the first person who correctly identifies the source of the quote. Try not to google it, won't you?

**seriously. I will totally mail you a real actual gift.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I left the nursing home in tears today


Hope has a way of turning its face to you just when you least expect it
(Sara Groves)

I'd tell you more but supper aint gonna cook itself.