Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wow. For a garrulous person, I'm sure not saying much.

Took my knitting out to a restaurant, though.

Asian food, knitting, and a friend who would bother to set up these pictures - a lovely lovely evening. (That's a sock for A. I have lost count of the number of times I have started that sock over again, from various points in the sock, but I refuse to be beaten by a mere sock.)

Have knit some more stuff but I don't have pictures because I am kind to you. I was just sitting here thinking "At least I'm not one of those people who has 17 projects on the go at once" and quietly counting to myself the one, no two, oh wait three, um did I start those gray socks yet? make that four ...but really you can't count the baby hat because it's practically DONE. Oh fine, five. Reality is ALWAYS messing up my self-congratulatory moments.

(The baby hats are cute, though. Possibly they will only fit a baby squirrel, but they are still cute. I plan to take one across the street and ask them to try it on their baby's head for me - is that rude? will I have to make their baby another hat now? I left one hanging on their doorknob while their baby was off being born - does that count?)

So I did this thing on Facebook that all the cool kids are doing - first five people to leave a comment on the note get something handmade by me, and while I'm not about the popularity and peer pressure and stuff - everyone else was immediately inundated with "Pick me! pick me!" and people saying things like "Darn! I missed it! my life is in the toilet!" and my offer? One lonely comment.* Left by a teenager, no less, and therefore I am completely non-plussed** as to what to make. Toast, maybe. Also, are there really so few people out there who want me to knit them a hat? What am I going to do in my dotage?***

Right then. I'm off to either knit or go to Ravelry and spend hours looking at all the pretty things other people have knit, all the while berating myself for having five things on the needles and not spending time with any of them.

Seriously though, I'd have a lot fewer things on the needles if the baby hat knitting hadn't gone like this this weekend:

Knit hat A, for the boy baby.

Weave in all the ends and look at it and think "Yowza that's small."

Cast on Hat B, for the girl baby, with bigger needles, and knit several rounds.

Look at it and think "Yowza, that's big."

Go ask someone whose had a baby if Hat A will fit a baby. (I was at a hockey tournament in Fernie) Her reply? "If memory serves, their heads are this big" (she draws a watermelon in the air "so ...hmm." She caught a look at my face and then said "I feel confident that will fit an infant."

Go back to my room and measure Hat A stretched, which stretches Quite Far.

Frog Hat B and cast it on again on smaller needles.

Also it is impossible to knit and drive. However, if you are not reading or sleeping or knitting while someone else is driving, you realize that the drive to the Crowsnest Pass is absolutely breathtakingly lovely.

Apparently I have reached the end of my word dump. Come again, won't you?

* To be fair, you also had to promise to make the same offer.
** Last night, in my class, that I was teaching, someone asked me what a word meant and I said "I don't know. I don't know what these words mean, I just use them."
*** Which started last week.


Koala Bear Writer said...

I bought a hat for Sunshine at a farmer's market, hoping that it was bigger than the hat she has now (which is getting too small), but not having her with me to try it on. The lady assured me it would fit a one-year-old infant. It does... just. :) And now everyone is asking who made it for her (me? Grandma?) and I have to say - a stranger at a farmer's market. :) Although I have wondered how the lady knew what size to make her hats - maybe, as you say, she tries them on. (If you need a fourteen-month old to fit a hat to, I'll be seeing you in April...)

Lynette said...

Your intermittent garrulousity is appreciated. :)

Lynette said...

Your intermittent garrulousity is appreciated. :)

QOTW said...

I really like to read your blog. It mostly makes me smile.

corrie said...

If I knew anything about facebook (correction, cared to know anything about facebook) I would have taken you up on your offer : )

Slow'n'Steady said...

My, that's an amazingly clear and colourful picture for being taken with a cell phone camera. Lovely staging, Ms. Knitter.