Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Really Big Long Post About Nearly Everything

Feel free to stop reading at any point.


B's first play off game EVAH was last Sunday, and what a game it was. Now B has been in a bit of a scoring slump this year - he scored a lot in the seeding round, but when the regular season hit, he pysched himself out a bit, and had only 2 goals and 1 assist in 8 games, which is just not what he's capable of. However, he was pretty jazzed about his First Ever Play Off Game, and on the way to the arena he said "I'm getting a hat trick today!" TechnoGuy grinned "Go for it, buddy."

The game. B scores the first goal, and he's pumped. The other team ties it up, and then gets another goal, and then B's team-mate scores to tie it up and just a few seconds later, the other team scores, to make it 3-2 The Other Guys.

The third period. Nobody scores and there's great end to end action and it's really exciting and suddenly there's ONE MINUTE left and TheOtherGuys are still ahead and B gets the puck. TechnoGuy, on the bench, sees the look in B's eye and starts to laugh. B powers down the ice, waits, waits, and BAM! the goal that ties it up! 20 seconds left on the clock! My boy is grinning so hard I can see it behind his face mask.

OverTime. First OT period in B's life. He's hoping he gets to play for some of it ...and he plays the whole two minutes of 5 on 5. Nobody scores. B plays for half the 2 minutes 4 on 4 - nobody scores. B is just about falling over, he's so tired, but he says the 30 second break helps him find his legs. His coach says "You're the one that's skating your heart out" and puts him out for the 3 on 3, in Centre, which is B's favourite place to play. (He's been playing left wing because of his scoring slump) 2 minutes of 3 on 3 - nobody scores. B and T, an awesome defenceman, play most of it - still no score.

There are mommies on their feet in the stands. I have put the knitting away, afraid I'll snap a needle. A minute and a half into the fourth OT period, T gets the puck and slides to B, who slams it between the pipes for his third goal of the game.

Three goals in a 4-3 OT win. A hat trick, consisting of the first goal, the tying goal, and the winning goal. If that isn't the best way to end a scoring slump, I don't know what is.

Three days later, he was still chattering about it :)

Okay stop and beam about that for awhile, if you will. I called his name from the stands, not sure if he'd look up, because he tends to be a bit nonchalant about things, but he looked up, grinned, gave me a fist pump and hollered "YES!" So very happy for my boy.


Mom remains in the hospital. In church on Sunday morning, I realized that in my "hunker down and wait it out" mentality, I had lost sight of what God might be doing in the lives of those around us while we were there.

Other things I have realized these long long weeks is that it's really none of my business what God might be doing in my mother's life, and I need to stop telling Him what she needs. (that was in one of my Anger phases)


Winter can Go Now.


Made my son a pair of socks, which he loves, but does not want to wear. I have told him if he'd like to just keep them as a reminder that I made him something because I love him, that is fine. Aren't they pretty?


I've replaced the frogged hat with a real hat, which I should be mailing any day now, but today I am cold and tired and have a headache and am going back to bed when I am done typing this because I am not feeling well. (Also I am whiner, in case you hadn't noticed)


All done. Bye.


ccap said...

Goodness! Way to go B! I was on the edge of my seat just READING that. (emailing BHFU (beaming hockey fan unle) now to be sure that he reads this too.

ccap said...

Yes, there should have been a "c" in that and yes, I should have had a second closed parenthesis. Sigh.

Heather said...

Yup, definitely beaming for B!

darien said...

hey, i actually started to bawl at B's story. My physiotherapist wondered what was wrong with me....

jbondsgirl said...

YAY B!!! Hat trick, WOOO! That is awesome, way to go man.

Still praying for you and your mom, that you both get what you need, when you need it.

Love you muchly.


Karen said...

Those look like socks worthy of a hat trick scoring hockey playing champion. Way to go B! There is just nothing better than watching our kids persevere and suceed.

Lynette said...

Goosebumps! Goosebumps for some hockey playing kid in a faraway land whom I've never met. WTG B! I probably would have outyelled your mother. I so seriously miss a good hockey game now and then.

Anonymous said...

...awesome ... been there as a parent watching those kids do "athletic stuff" that I never did!! ... Way to go, B!!!! ...... BJC

Koala Bear Writer said...

Hey - just wanted to let you know I've given you the Premio Dardos Award. :)