Saturday, March 28, 2009


My body has been taken over by ...oh it's too horrible to articulate. I have been cleaning.


Not only have I been cleaning, I moved the bed to vacuum behind it. (and hey! there's the missing handset for the cordless! We're back up to 3 (like ANYBODY needs three handsets! That's just asking to lose one.) and child-whose-room-I-was-sure-it-would-show-up-in? Um, heh. Sorry.) I'm trying to be myself, I really am - I come in and sit down and say "I'll just check my e-mail first" but then Suzie Homemaker takes over and my head turns and sees the vacuum cleaner waiting to be put away and I get up and go to put it away and think "Hey I'll just vacuum the hallway while I'm here" and then somehow I'm vacuuming the stairs and the living room. It has been literal years since I vacuumed what with the paying of a housekeeper (part of my idyllic past) and the bossing around of the children. My back doesn't like vacuuming, which I've suspected for awhile, but had no concrete proof.

The master bedroom in this house is cleaner than it's been since ...well maybe two days after we moved in, I think. (Aside - I think B and I carried 40 books out of here. Forty. And it looked like a small pile to me. They're all downstairs now, waiting for the bookshelves to procreate and also the basement to turn into a Discworld type of library that is much much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. I may actually have to give some books away - even typing that makes me twitch. B said "You are NEVER going to read all these books" and I said "Oh but I have. Some of them twice." and I am proud to report I rendered him speechless.)

okay where was I? The dog came out of the bedroom to see what that horrible noise was. We've only had her two and a half years - she's likely never heard the vacuum before. She was going to save me from it but it was a bit too loud. She stood cowering at the top of the stairs wondering why I wasn't sitting down somewhere with a book or a computer or some sticks and string and finally decided to just bark at it loudly, once, and watch over me from under my bed. (TechnoBoy says she hauled the phone into her lair under our bed, and he may be right. I'm keeping an eye on it.)

How far is Lethbridge from where I live? I've got that long to fold 957 lbs of laundry.

ETA: Oh right. What does Lethbridge have to do with laundry? TechnoBoy and A have been in Mexico with Amor Ministries all week, building houses over A's spring break, and just as I was typing that last blog entry, TB msg'd me that the group had just left Lethbridge. I thought a ten foot high pile of clean laundry might mar the impression that I had spent some time on household maintenance. It's an hour later and the laundry is all folded AND put away, except A's clothes, which are folded and sitting in the hallway, because she prefers it if I don't go into her room.

And yes, I am aware that this is an entire post bragging about doing things most other women get done on a regular, daily basis, with no fuss or bother.


darien said...

okay, when you told me yesterday that your bedroom was cleaner than it had ever been, well, I thought 'that's nice'.

now I'm speechless. WOW

and I hope there will be a post soon about A's week because I'm really wanting to know.

speechless. Wow!

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT! ...and I hope somewhat "rewarding" as feelings go - for you! Good on you girl.

Koala Bear Writer said...

That's the kind of urge that you enjoy while it comes, 'cause it don't last long. :) (If you visit, please don't look behind my futon or under my bed.) Love the comment about the bookshelves procreating... I'm quite sure that ours do (well, what else would they do, when two bibliophiles own them...).