Saturday, March 28, 2009


My body has been taken over by ...oh it's too horrible to articulate. I have been cleaning.


Not only have I been cleaning, I moved the bed to vacuum behind it. (and hey! there's the missing handset for the cordless! We're back up to 3 (like ANYBODY needs three handsets! That's just asking to lose one.) and child-whose-room-I-was-sure-it-would-show-up-in? Um, heh. Sorry.) I'm trying to be myself, I really am - I come in and sit down and say "I'll just check my e-mail first" but then Suzie Homemaker takes over and my head turns and sees the vacuum cleaner waiting to be put away and I get up and go to put it away and think "Hey I'll just vacuum the hallway while I'm here" and then somehow I'm vacuuming the stairs and the living room. It has been literal years since I vacuumed what with the paying of a housekeeper (part of my idyllic past) and the bossing around of the children. My back doesn't like vacuuming, which I've suspected for awhile, but had no concrete proof.

The master bedroom in this house is cleaner than it's been since ...well maybe two days after we moved in, I think. (Aside - I think B and I carried 40 books out of here. Forty. And it looked like a small pile to me. They're all downstairs now, waiting for the bookshelves to procreate and also the basement to turn into a Discworld type of library that is much much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. I may actually have to give some books away - even typing that makes me twitch. B said "You are NEVER going to read all these books" and I said "Oh but I have. Some of them twice." and I am proud to report I rendered him speechless.)

okay where was I? The dog came out of the bedroom to see what that horrible noise was. We've only had her two and a half years - she's likely never heard the vacuum before. She was going to save me from it but it was a bit too loud. She stood cowering at the top of the stairs wondering why I wasn't sitting down somewhere with a book or a computer or some sticks and string and finally decided to just bark at it loudly, once, and watch over me from under my bed. (TechnoBoy says she hauled the phone into her lair under our bed, and he may be right. I'm keeping an eye on it.)

How far is Lethbridge from where I live? I've got that long to fold 957 lbs of laundry.

ETA: Oh right. What does Lethbridge have to do with laundry? TechnoBoy and A have been in Mexico with Amor Ministries all week, building houses over A's spring break, and just as I was typing that last blog entry, TB msg'd me that the group had just left Lethbridge. I thought a ten foot high pile of clean laundry might mar the impression that I had spent some time on household maintenance. It's an hour later and the laundry is all folded AND put away, except A's clothes, which are folded and sitting in the hallway, because she prefers it if I don't go into her room.

And yes, I am aware that this is an entire post bragging about doing things most other women get done on a regular, daily basis, with no fuss or bother.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Second thoughts

So B was pretty sure he wanted to see the movie "Bride Wars".

Until my friend told him there was no shooting in it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wow. For a garrulous person, I'm sure not saying much.

Took my knitting out to a restaurant, though.

Asian food, knitting, and a friend who would bother to set up these pictures - a lovely lovely evening. (That's a sock for A. I have lost count of the number of times I have started that sock over again, from various points in the sock, but I refuse to be beaten by a mere sock.)

Have knit some more stuff but I don't have pictures because I am kind to you. I was just sitting here thinking "At least I'm not one of those people who has 17 projects on the go at once" and quietly counting to myself the one, no two, oh wait three, um did I start those gray socks yet? make that four ...but really you can't count the baby hat because it's practically DONE. Oh fine, five. Reality is ALWAYS messing up my self-congratulatory moments.

(The baby hats are cute, though. Possibly they will only fit a baby squirrel, but they are still cute. I plan to take one across the street and ask them to try it on their baby's head for me - is that rude? will I have to make their baby another hat now? I left one hanging on their doorknob while their baby was off being born - does that count?)

So I did this thing on Facebook that all the cool kids are doing - first five people to leave a comment on the note get something handmade by me, and while I'm not about the popularity and peer pressure and stuff - everyone else was immediately inundated with "Pick me! pick me!" and people saying things like "Darn! I missed it! my life is in the toilet!" and my offer? One lonely comment.* Left by a teenager, no less, and therefore I am completely non-plussed** as to what to make. Toast, maybe. Also, are there really so few people out there who want me to knit them a hat? What am I going to do in my dotage?***

Right then. I'm off to either knit or go to Ravelry and spend hours looking at all the pretty things other people have knit, all the while berating myself for having five things on the needles and not spending time with any of them.

Seriously though, I'd have a lot fewer things on the needles if the baby hat knitting hadn't gone like this this weekend:

Knit hat A, for the boy baby.

Weave in all the ends and look at it and think "Yowza that's small."

Cast on Hat B, for the girl baby, with bigger needles, and knit several rounds.

Look at it and think "Yowza, that's big."

Go ask someone whose had a baby if Hat A will fit a baby. (I was at a hockey tournament in Fernie) Her reply? "If memory serves, their heads are this big" (she draws a watermelon in the air "so ...hmm." She caught a look at my face and then said "I feel confident that will fit an infant."

Go back to my room and measure Hat A stretched, which stretches Quite Far.

Frog Hat B and cast it on again on smaller needles.

Also it is impossible to knit and drive. However, if you are not reading or sleeping or knitting while someone else is driving, you realize that the drive to the Crowsnest Pass is absolutely breathtakingly lovely.

Apparently I have reached the end of my word dump. Come again, won't you?

* To be fair, you also had to promise to make the same offer.
** Last night, in my class, that I was teaching, someone asked me what a word meant and I said "I don't know. I don't know what these words mean, I just use them."
*** Which started last week.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Really Big Long Post About Nearly Everything

Feel free to stop reading at any point.


B's first play off game EVAH was last Sunday, and what a game it was. Now B has been in a bit of a scoring slump this year - he scored a lot in the seeding round, but when the regular season hit, he pysched himself out a bit, and had only 2 goals and 1 assist in 8 games, which is just not what he's capable of. However, he was pretty jazzed about his First Ever Play Off Game, and on the way to the arena he said "I'm getting a hat trick today!" TechnoGuy grinned "Go for it, buddy."

The game. B scores the first goal, and he's pumped. The other team ties it up, and then gets another goal, and then B's team-mate scores to tie it up and just a few seconds later, the other team scores, to make it 3-2 The Other Guys.

The third period. Nobody scores and there's great end to end action and it's really exciting and suddenly there's ONE MINUTE left and TheOtherGuys are still ahead and B gets the puck. TechnoGuy, on the bench, sees the look in B's eye and starts to laugh. B powers down the ice, waits, waits, and BAM! the goal that ties it up! 20 seconds left on the clock! My boy is grinning so hard I can see it behind his face mask.

OverTime. First OT period in B's life. He's hoping he gets to play for some of it ...and he plays the whole two minutes of 5 on 5. Nobody scores. B plays for half the 2 minutes 4 on 4 - nobody scores. B is just about falling over, he's so tired, but he says the 30 second break helps him find his legs. His coach says "You're the one that's skating your heart out" and puts him out for the 3 on 3, in Centre, which is B's favourite place to play. (He's been playing left wing because of his scoring slump) 2 minutes of 3 on 3 - nobody scores. B and T, an awesome defenceman, play most of it - still no score.

There are mommies on their feet in the stands. I have put the knitting away, afraid I'll snap a needle. A minute and a half into the fourth OT period, T gets the puck and slides to B, who slams it between the pipes for his third goal of the game.

Three goals in a 4-3 OT win. A hat trick, consisting of the first goal, the tying goal, and the winning goal. If that isn't the best way to end a scoring slump, I don't know what is.

Three days later, he was still chattering about it :)

Okay stop and beam about that for awhile, if you will. I called his name from the stands, not sure if he'd look up, because he tends to be a bit nonchalant about things, but he looked up, grinned, gave me a fist pump and hollered "YES!" So very happy for my boy.


Mom remains in the hospital. In church on Sunday morning, I realized that in my "hunker down and wait it out" mentality, I had lost sight of what God might be doing in the lives of those around us while we were there.

Other things I have realized these long long weeks is that it's really none of my business what God might be doing in my mother's life, and I need to stop telling Him what she needs. (that was in one of my Anger phases)


Winter can Go Now.


Made my son a pair of socks, which he loves, but does not want to wear. I have told him if he'd like to just keep them as a reminder that I made him something because I love him, that is fine. Aren't they pretty?


I've replaced the frogged hat with a real hat, which I should be mailing any day now, but today I am cold and tired and have a headache and am going back to bed when I am done typing this because I am not feeling well. (Also I am whiner, in case you hadn't noticed)


All done. Bye.