Thursday, January 15, 2009


So, this is the guest blogger. Susan calls me from the road to tell me how tired she is of driving on slush and in Edmonton they plow the side streets and the only way she can drive is to floor it and B wonders if she's mad but she's not, it's just the only way she can get through. When the phone rings again in five minutes she asks me to post vicariously for her:

If one more person tells me to "Have a Nice Day," I may commit a random act of violence.

Apparently, as she approached the drive through window, she couldn't find her wallet. As she's starting to freak out looking for it (she also had large quantities of knitting with her), she explains to the woman that she's been going up to the hospital to be with her mother every day since December 13 and nothing better get in the way of her first cup of coffee. As she gives the woman her money, the woman says cheerily: "Have a great day!"

Then at the next window, the one who gives her the coffee also says, "Have a nice day."

And when you give the hospital parking toll station your ticket, Sue continues,
You'd think, going to a hospital, that the machine would not say "Have a nice day." Perhaps "The Lord be with you" or "The force be with you" or SOMETHING anything other than "Have a nice day."

So you've been duly warned.

Guest blogger over and out.


jbondsgirl said...

May your knitting be mistake free and never have to be frogged, may you have all the hat patterns you desire and may the hot coffee flow freely like a balm to your tired body. May your mother's surgery go very, very well and the surgery for your friend's tiny baby, too, may that go well. May you have peace and joy and a deep stillness in your heart that is the presence of God with you.

Have one of those days.


Hot Buttons said...
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The Koala Bear Writer said...

So, uh, where in Edmonton do they plow the side streets? Just keep up the defensive driving. At least in Calgary, you'll get a chinook... sooner or later. :)

Slow'n'Steady said...

Oh, and when I got to the hospital room, Sue points out that the trash bags taped to the patient's table say, of course, "Have a nice day."