Thursday, January 29, 2009

Right then

Mom - the "long hard recovery" in which she "might never leave the hospital" (unsaid: unless it's in a body bag) has changed to "you should be able to go in a few days." As her surgery was two weeks ago tomorrow, this is ...amazing. This is such a huge answer to prayer, I'm almost unable to process it.

In other news, a man named Trevor taught me how to kitchener the toe of my sock last night.

And that's not something just anyone can say.


The Koala Bear Writer said...

Hallelujah! That's awesome news--on both fronts. :)

LC said...

Great news! Our God is awesome! I've been quiet here, but not in my prayers.

Oh, frogging means to rip it out because frogs say "rip it, rip it" - quilters use the same punny phrase, or should I say onomatopoeia, which sounds more like it came from a medical dictionary.


Joanna Mallory said...

Susan, what an amazing change for your mom. I'm so glad.

Happy about the sock too, but how come there's no photo proof? (Kitchenering the toe... is that like sewing the yarn through one loop on one needle, then a loop from the other and back and forth?)

I'm learning all these new words (but have never attempted to knit a sock)

LC, thanks for "the rest of the story" on frogging.

Slow'n'Steady said...

I'm so glad for you both.